Bongo’s Bingo with Blazin Squad

I make sure that I laugh as much as possible, as its the best exercise, and if I’m really feeling the need to do some exercise, I’ll go out with my best girls and dance the night away. Sasha Jackson


Having been to Bongo’s Bingo three times now I’m ever thankful that they’ve introduced music acts to try and keep things fresh. Last time we were treated to 5ive (well, three of them) and this time was Blazin Squad (well, 4 of them). There was only 1 person I knew who needed to be my wing woman to this. The only person who can still name all original ten members, (i’m not convinced the original ten members can still name the original ten members) Carrie. I was also allowed to bring Ang, Emma and Laura along for the ride too. Let the games begin.

Ang and I had a chat before were we thought that possibly after going for a third time we might be over it. I mean don’t get me wrong, if you haven’t been yet you are seriously missing out on one of the best nights out you’re likely to have within the parameters of Newcastle city walls.  But seeing as the format of the night is largely the same each night other than the music acts, it would be easy to search for a new experience. You can read my previous two posts about other times I’ve been which go other the rules and what to expect here and here.

I can honestly hand on heart say, however that I can 100% see myself going again and definitely am not over it. It’s absolutely impossible not to get swept up in the madness of it all and let the atmosphere take over. Each time we’ve gone I’ve ended up sitting next to a few newbies and experiencing them experiencing it for the first time is so lovely. I haven’t met anyone yet who’s been and hasn’t had a great time.

This visit was slightly different in that Laura, god love her, decided to drive and wasn’t drinking. She’s a much braver lass than I am and reminded me of this meme I’d seen online…


I mean, I can’t attest to the last statement but the rest feels pretty accurate!

Laura says of the experience:

From a health and safety perspective it was a total nightmare but seriously, very doable sober. Even if you were shy, anything goes so you can get stuck in without feeling self conscious. It’s very interesting to people watch, I saw a woman in her 50s daydreaming one minute then flinging her finger in the air and jumping on the bench to the sound of Bon Jovi the next.

You realise how good the prizes are when you are actually listening, I mean £1600!! No wonder there were so many ‘dickhead’ call outs though, he doesn’t half read the numbers out quickly and I was struggling to keep up despite being corpus mentis! But over all was a super fun night that is a strong 8 or 9/10 even without the booze. I would recommend to anyone and can’t wait to go again!

I was never a massive fan of Blazin Sqaud first time round, I could name Kenzie, knew there was a ginger one, and the one who went on Love Island. However Here 4 One is an absolute banger which I’ve always loved, and I would even stick my neck out and say I thought they were better than 5ive/3hree.  Perhaps I was just drunker but they seemed to get the crowd going more and Carrie was in her little early 00’s element.


All they need to do now is get the Backstreet Boys there and I think you can stick a fork in me because then I’ll be done. And I don’t mean just done with Bongo’s, there will be nothing further to achieve in life.

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  1. Emma
    February 10, 2019 / 10:02 am

    Backstreet Boys would be amazing there! As long as they don’t charge ridiculous prices line they have for their tour! I love them! I’ve done Bongo’s Bingo sober and would quite happily do it again, it didn’t spoil the experience for me at all x

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