Future Poet t-shirts

*I received a complimentary t-shirt in return for an honest review*

Fashion has changed so much since I was a teenager and even more so since I was a young adult. When I first started going clubbing at age 18 (and not a moment sooner) there was always a strict no jeans policy, even the darkest of black jeans would more often than not still get sniffed out in the queue to get into Ikon. Now, pretty much anything goes and I wear jeans and t-shirts pretty much all the time; at home, to work, to the pub. I’d even wear them to a wedding if I could get away with it.

I think a key staple in this ever evolving fashion metropolis is the humble white slogan t-shirt. I own a fair few these days and they can be dressed up or down with practically anything. So when Future Poet asked me if i’d like to try on one their funky slogan tees for size, I knew the perfect collaboration was afoot.

Future Poet’s moto is ‘Positivity may connect us but let’s dress to inspire, empower and uplift’ so they’re already talking my language. I love independent brands and even more so ones with a positive message. I’ve written before how much admiration for people who start their own businesses, whatever those businesses may be. I’m a talker, I talk about all the cool things I’m going to do one day, but I rarely get round to it. So people who actually throw caution to the wind and try to make their dreams a reality have my upmost respect. Future Poet have scored a home run with the slogan tee trend; positive but not cheesy.

I opted for the ‘Standardly Unique’ design because i’m a massive fan of anything monochrome (simply because it goes with everything) and the idea of being standard (something I think of myself all the time) and unique (there’s no one quite like Newman). It’s a good message without being overly gushy or pretentious. I have, however, also got my eye on the ‘Music balances my soul’ design when it’s back in stock, because if ever there was a t-shirt made for me it’s that one.

The t-shirts themselves are exceptional quality. Often with white t-shirts you need to be careful what bra you wear underneath, a white one can look too stark and show through if the t-shirt is on the thin side, these however are nice and thick, and not a smidge of even my whitest bra shows through. I got a size medium which is an ideal 12/14, the hand stitched brand logo on the sleeve is a nice touch and the slogan on the front is printd well – not a dodgy transfer like you get with some small fashion brands. They’re all made with 100% ringspun cotton and washed well, with no fading to the logo.

Everytime I’ve worn it over the last few weekends I’ve gotten nice comments and my bestie Steph already has her eye on adding it to our communal clothes pile! Sizes range from small to XXL and all styles come in male and female fits. Oh and they’re super instagrammable! Check out the rest of the collection below (at the moment there’s 10% off for all new customers):


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