90s night at Olives at the Station

*We received complimentary tickets in return for an honest review*

Although I was born in the early 80s, I very much consider myself an 90s kid, because that’s the decade where I discovered my personality; what I liked and what I didn’t, and more importantly, the decade of my musical education.

I’ve worked with Olives at the Station a few times before; they’re one of the best editions of my Wine & Beer Metro Tours and when it comes to events, they know how to throw a good one! The 90s party last week was no exception, in fact I think as I write this I may still be hungover.

As a child of the 90s (as discussed) the vibe on the night was just perfect as was the choice of music, there was something for everyone and we danced and sang all night to everything from Take That to The Shamen to Nirvana to Oasis. There was a great mix of people there too of all age ranges and whilst fancy dress was encourage it certainly wasn’t required. We decided on something in the middle by going as 90s ‘inspired’ rather than fancy dress but it really was dead laid back so didn’t matter one way or another.


They went all out with the drink options too with a cocktail station by the door on arrival mixing up 90s inspired cocktails and the absolute cherry on the cake was the bottles of Hooch and VK for only £3 a bottle. We knocked back a fair few of those bad boys and I apparently was saying ‘it’s only 4% how drunk can you get?’ all night*

Olives (located right in Whitley Bay metro station) have used the small space that they have to their best advantage, they’ve kept a few tables at the back near the bar for anyone who doesn’t want to be too close to the music or need a sit down; and the rest of the tables and chairs have been removed to allow for plenty of dancing space. And when you dance like me (all arms) that’s ideal.

I would whole heartedly recommend the next theme night at Olives, they put a lot of effort in to make every feel welcome and part of the gang, the little touches like the 90s inspired drinks really make the night and the intimate atmosphere makes you feel like you’re part of a really fun secret club.

Check out what else they have coming up in their social calendar on their Facebook page

*very is the answer, you can get very drunk on 4% booze

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