5 reasons it’s easier than ever to go cruelty free with your make up

I’m proud to join Cruelty Free International in calling on the United States to end cosmetics testing on animals’ – Drea De Matteo

I wrote a few weeks ago about The Body Shop and how that’ve made waves in the cruelty free make up stakes. And thanks to people like Greta Thunberg and Leonardo di Caprio, there’s is no better time inject your environmental consciousness into your makeup bag. When we slap on our lippy for a night out or highlight our cheekbones, chances are that we don’t think about all the steps the products have gone through to become safe for use.

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Me and my beauty bestie Becca talk about cruelty free make up all the time and Unfortunately, according to Cruelty Free International, over 115 million animals are still being used for animal testing this year, despite a much greater availability of cruelty-free products. So other that the blindingly obvious, why should you go cruelty free if it is going to be such a hassle? The answer is that, these days, shopping cruelty-free makeup is easier than ever.

There’s no shortage of other options for manufacturers.

Though it can be heart-breaking to part with your favourite brand of makeup, the fact is that a choice was made to continue testing on animals when there is simply no need. More than 50 forms of non-animal cosmetic tests have been validated for use, and brands have over 7,000 safe ingredients to choose from when creating cosmetics. Knowing this makes it that little bit easier to part with your beloved brands in favour of something new. Put simply, brands don’t have any excuse anymore. No good ones anyway

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Finding new, great brands of cruelty free makeup might seem overwhelming, especially if you’re like me who is ever searching for the holy grail combination of good quality/low cost make up. But sites such as Cruelty Free Kitty list hundreds of verified ethical brands. For easy purchasing of a range of these brands, you can use Adore Beauty to shop online and mix and match your make up haul.

You won’t break the bank

While a lot of ‘organic’ style brands can seem far too expensive, many more affordable companies such as Elf Cosmetics are cruelty-free, and shopping around will show you all the options available.

It’s on-trend

You know me, I love a bandwagon. If you’re concerned with having to stray away from what’s fashionable to be ethical, you don’t need to worry. Every year, cruelty-free makeup becomes more and more popular, with as many as 36% of women only opting for brands that don’t test on animals. You can stay ahead of the game and switch to ethical makeup before everyone else does!

Natural, non-toxic options are on the rise

You no longer have to find that weird stall in the Grainger Market market to buy products made with natural ingredients. Nowadays, most large supermarkets and shops like Boots and Superdrug will have brands in stock that don’t use harsh chemicals, so you don’t have to go out of your way to find natural, gentle skincare and makeup.

Now that you know going cruelty free doesn’t have to be a chore, why not give it a try next time you finish a tube of lipstick? There is no doubt that your body, the animals, and the planet will thank you, and you might find yourself ahead of the curve among your friends when it comes to purchasing beauty products. And being ahead of the curve is one of my favourite things.

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