Birthdays at Bongo’s Bingo, Newcastle

Last weekend marked my fourth visit to Bongo’s Bingo and you would think by now I would be struggle to have things to write about, but this time we were celebrating my birthday and each time I go something new seems to happen and it just gets better and better.


Accompanying me this time was Sophie and Jenny. It was Soph’s third time but Jenny’s first and it’s always fun to be with a newbie. We’re always extremely lucky to have seats at the front but that said, it always amazes me how far back the atmosphere travels. DJ Micky Pickles and his band of merry men have you eating out the palm of their hands from the get-go and you have no choice but to get swept along in it all.


If you haven’t been yet (seriously, what’s wrong with you?!) in a nutshell Bongo’s Bingo is part bingo, part rave where you can win anything from a cardboard cut out of the Rock (both Soph and I wanted this for our living rooms) to upwards of £1200 in cash. Check out some of the videos below to a flavour of what to expect but needless to say if you’re a fan of Pop World at 1am or ever frequented a school disco as a teenager, you’ll absolutely love it.


This was the first time I’ve been in the summer (and my birthday weekend to boot) so was concerned about how it would fare in a floor to ceiling glass building with the summer evening sun streaming through. Thankfully, as is the norm for my birthday, it was raining. So, there was no summer sun. And all the disco lights and lazers and whatnot means sunlight be damned, we’re partying like it’s millennium eve.

I’ve written before about the rules and some hints and tips of what to expect which you can read at your leisure here, so I won’t rehash them again. I’ve also been lucky to be there when they’ve had special gusts 5ive and Blazin’ Squad should you want to know what that’s like too

I guess the one bad thing about going at the end of July was that it was hot as balls in there. The staff, however were brilliant is doing their best at keeping people cool, opening the large doors at the side when they could, making sure everyone was safe and had enough water.

One thing I feel I need to mention this time round, which I don’t think I’ve talked about before, is that they seem to be keeping the price of the drinks pretty consistent. It’s a worry when things like this not only take off, but go from strength to strength, that it’s an excuse to hike the prices up to a captive audience. But I paid £25 for a bottle of white wine and 3 shots of Apple Sours; which doesn’t feel too steep. The wine was standard, the shots were to celebrate Soph’s win of a bottle of gin; her bingo game was strong that night.

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t been yet, I urge you to go. It started my birthday weekend off perfectly and Jenny said the next day ‘I’m not going to lie it was the best night of my life’ which also serves as a perfect review of her wedding night (sorry Andy!)

Tickets are still available for August and September 

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