Sunday lunch at The Stand

Funnily enough it was our visit to The Stand which sparked off the idea to do a Sunday Lunch guide in Newcastle in the first place, the origins of which you can read here.

Although The Stand (comedy club) is somewhere we’ve been multiple times to see some of our favourite comedians, it’s not somewhere I ever consider for food. It was almost out of sheer desperation (and hunger of course) that we settled on there for a Sunday dinner earlier this year.

The deal is two courses for £14 or three for £17. As usual, I had a side eye on the desserts before even thinking about what meat I was going to order (chicken, it’s always chicken). But we were so hangry by this point and the prawn and goats cheese hash was calling my name.


Service was on the relaxed side and although the staff were wonderfully friendly, we waited a good half an hour for our starters. It takes a long time for me to ask where our food is but I think the waitress could see the desperation in my eyes. They were 100% worth the wait though, prawns were amazing, and Dave’s ribs looked like they came off a dinosaur, so he was a happy bunny.

Lunch was also a delight on the taste buds; my portion of chicken was massive and whatever they use for their gravy needs to be bottled and sold because it was SO tasty! As always, the mash I can live without, honestly, I need to just start asking for it without. Dave’s beef was a little on the pink side even though he’d asked for it medium, but he seemed to wolf it down in a matter of nanoseconds, so I don’t think it bothered him all that much.


People in this world can be divided into 2 categories; those who like the stodgy middle and those who like the crispy edge. I am of course talking about the mighty Yorkshire pudding. I fall on the crispy edge side of the fence so was ever so slightly let down. It could have done with another minute or so in the oven for my liking. But again. That’s just my personal preference.

In the end we were too full for pudding but they did look delicious! Perhaps something to go back and try next time!

All in all, a worthy venue to satisfy your Sunday lunch cravings. It may not be your traditional pub setting but it’s small and intimate and the staff are great fun. Prices are really competitive for the centre of town too which keeps the wallet happy. Win/win!


  1. August 20, 2019 / 1:24 pm

    I would never think of going there for food but it looks and sounds lush! xx

  2. August 20, 2019 / 2:16 pm

    I would never ever think to go there for food so this has definitely opened my eyes! Can you believe that tomorrow we’re actually visiting The Stand for the very first time!

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