Review: The Crab & Lobster, Thirsk

If I don’t know what to buy the man who has everything, I definitely don’t know what to buy the man who has everything when he turns 40. Which is what Dave did earlier this year. He selfishly turned 40. After lots of umming and ahhing and a failed attempt at thinking of 40 little presents, I reckoned why break the habit of a lifetime? If Captain Sensible wasn’t going to be forthcoming with gift ideas then I would just go ahead and book something I wanted to do instead. I’d known about the Crab and Lobster and Crab Manor through a work colleague who visits annually and also a few bloggers who had been and told me how amazing and beautifully instagrammable it was. Style wise it’s right up our street, it’s up market without feeling like we don’t belong (one of the reasons we’ve never been to House of Tides) and each individually decorated lodge were begging to appear on my grid.


Your man only turns 40 once and I hate going home so I went big and booked the Montauk Beach House which is 1 of only 2 suites. It’s flooded with natural light, and appealed to me the most being the Americophile that I am. It was the most us.  It has a super king size bed, which in all honesty is one of the comfiest mattresses I’ve ever slept on and cosy, separate lounge area.

Attention to detail is paramount here and they have thought of everything. Despite it being a drizzly March Saturday, once inside the suite you really feel like you’ve been transported to the beach – especially in the bathroom with its roll top bath and rain shower.  There was also a complimentary mini bar (honestly, how often can you say that of a hotel?) which was an excellent touch.

The room also boasts an outdoor hot tub and sauna. So thus began our little 24 hours of luxury. When we arrived just after 3pm check in was quick and we were shown to our room but the cheerful concierge. He showed us around and how everything worked then left us to it – straight in the hot tub with a bottle of prosecco. Despite Crab Manor being attached to Michelin starred Crab and Lobster restaurant, we actually went little off piste and had a room pic nic instead. Afterall, what’s the point in spending all that money on a room if you’re not in it most of the night.

After some hot tub action (steady) we showered, changed and heading over to the main house for their pre dinner lounge which includes some nibbles and all the beer you can drink, if you can find their secret beer tap! Find it we did (wonders of the internet) and once we did. The lovely concierge from earlier did the honours for us for an hour or so. Whilst we were committed to our room pic nic, it was nice to socialise for an hour.


The fact that the room had a lounge area was ideal. It meant we could spread our goodies out, keep the wine chilled in the fridge and most importantly not get crumbs in the bed! In all honesty we had a whale of a time listening to Roxette and pretending we were Jay-Z and Beyonce in our house in the Hamptons. I don’t regret not going to the restaurant in the slightest.

After falling into bed around midnight and quite frankly one of the best nights sleep ever, we got up, had some coffee from the fancy Nespresso machine then headed for breakfast.

I’m physically unable to be able to walk away from eggs benedict so that was an easy choice. Dave, however was far more adventurous ordering the smoked fish, well, it is a seafood restaurant after all!

And thus concluded our lovely little weekend get away. It was the perfect place for us really; luxury enough to feel like we were getting a real treat and close enough to home that we didn’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to get there.

Can’t wait to save up and visit some of the other themed rooms, I have a particular eye on the Vegas room.

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  1. October 31, 2019 / 7:30 am

    Lol!!!! Booking Simon things that I secretly want to do myself is one of my favourite things!

    LOVED the idea of 40 little presents but OMG yes that would be so tricky! I struggle every year knowing what to get Simon (and selfishly his birthday is only 4 days before Christmas!) – I always think booking a little break or some kind of activity you can enjoy together is so much better than a pile of presents they don’t really want!

    Your suite looks so lovely! Really glad you enjoyed your stay, we really loved it when we went too


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