Luna Lark luxury loungewear

*I was sent a free set of pyjamas in return for an honest review*


Aren’t pyjamas one of the best clothing inventions of all time? I certainly think so, and aside from it always being a sticking point that I was made to get changed out of my pjs for Sunday lunch at 2pm each week, I’d live in them 27/4 if I could. And now that I’m an adult and live in my own house. I pretty much do. That’s why I was so chuffed when Luna Lark luxury loungewear got in touch and asked if I wanted to work with them.

See, pyjamas are the equivalent of joggers for me. If I’ve been to the gym after work, come home and had a shower, I see no point in putting actual clothes on, when I’m just going to eat my tea and binge watch One Tree Hill. So, I may as well get straight into my pjs. Similarly, if I know I’m not going anywhere on a Saturday, why dirty a perfectly good set of clothes when I can just stay in pyjamas? What’s seen between me, Dave and the Asda delivery man on a Saturday afternoon really is our business.

Problem with all of this is that I haven’t always historically had the best quality pyjamas, which is strange considering I spend so much time in them. I’m partial to a mans pyjama bottom, as they’re longer and baggier, then just a plain t-shirt or hoody that only vaguely matches. I really do live like a student 99% of my life.

Luna Lark are a Newcastle based luxury loungewear and gifting company who very kindly sent me some of their gorgeous pyjamas to aid my laziness weekend relaxation. I went for the classic pyjama shorts, as I tend to get too hot sleeping in long bottoms, and the matching sweatshirt. I’ve written before how I have a real fear of being in a hotel room (which I am quite regularly these days) and having the fire alarms go off in the middle of the night when I’m in my grotty old pizza stained pjs. So this set had been upgraded to my travel pjs. I’ll be the envy of the staff and guests of The View in Eastbourne should those fire alarms happen to go off!

Made from silky soft viscose means they’re super light and breathable and, they have, wait for it, POCKETS! Do you know how frustrating it if when I bring the washing from downstairs to put in the washing machine and I have nowhere to but my phone? Pockets in pyjamas are genius. The shorts are also slightly longer than your average pyjama short, which is perfect for people like me, who’s thighs aren’t their best feature.


The sweatshirt is lovely and thick too, and a great deep navy colour. Truth be told there would be nothing to stop you wearing it a jumper with jeans, it’s that good quality. It’s probably a bit thick for me to wear to actually sleep in so have swapped it out from a plain white t-shirt for bed but it’s great for those winter nights watching TV, drinking red wine or waiting for the Asda delivery man.

Come Christmas 2019, i knew exactly what was on order for my sister in law Ruth and Mum. Luna Lark kindly sent another set for my mum, to showcase that these really are for everybody. I went for the longer pj bottoms for mum, as she’s always cold and could sleep in a polar bear suit if needed. They fit her perfectly and are great for either sleeping in in winter or putting on after a shower in summer. If you’d ever told me one day that I would be posing in my pjs with my mum for the whole internet, i’d never have believed you, such is the power of a decent fit!

The designs are classic and stylish with no overly garish colours or patterns. There’s a bridal collection which are perfect for hen dos, the big day, as a thank you present for the wedding party or something extra special for honeymoon. There are also extra bits and bobs you can order like sleep masks, bed socks or candles to add some extra Luna Lark luxury to your bed time routine.


Everything comes beautifully packaged which means they would make a beautiful Christmas present. You can tell a lot of care and attention goes into these, with a lot of products coming with a personalisation service and being made to order.

It’s nice to find a pair of pyjama shorts that don’t end up round your waist (steady) and that are actually flattering enough to lounge around in without feeling over exposed or self-conscious.

They might even be nice enough for my mum to let me eat my Sunday dinner in them…

Order your perfect Christmas presents here…

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