2019 in review

I tend not to post loads around Christmas, mainly because everyone’s so busy out having fun there’s no time for my whimsical, self indulgent view on the world. But also I find that I lose all blogging motivation over the winter and can’t think of anything cool or funny to write about. So if you’re reading this, on Christmas day no less, god love you and hope you’re having a smashing day, welcome to 2019 in review.

There’s a phrase that floats around work. Mainly when people are complaining about having extra tasks to do and not getting any extra money for it, which is ‘more of the same’. Keep that in mind, it’s relevant later I promise.

Last year I wrote about how 2018 had gone for me, off the back of a conversation Carrie and I had during our annual matching pj party. And it was all largely positive, in fact it was all positive and I’m happy to say that 2019 has followed suit. It always stays in my mind that my dad said at our wedding that it takes him longer to count his blessings than it does his money, and if you saw my bank balance right now, you’d understand how true that is of me too.


Work (as in, the day job) continues to be the best move I ever made. I’ve finally started to understand what it is I’m talking about, and as a result I’ve been given more responsibility and even been put in charge of a few things. I know, how crazy is that?! Much as i might seem to complain about all the travelling I do, or my pot noodle room teas (not going to lie, I secretly love them), I’m really quite settled in my little twin centre life and fond of all the mates I’ve made down in Eastbourne.

It seems trite to say we only ‘managed’ one holiday this year because it was a biggy. Spending two weeks on the west coast of Canada turned out to e the real holiday of a lifetime. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and exceeded all my expectations. It’s the first big holiday we’ve done in a good couple of years and it’s totally sparked my love for travel again. And reminded me how good travel and rest is for the soul. I wrote 8 post posts in two weeks while i was over there (there were some long ass car journeys) so it reminded me that I need regular chill out time if i want to start feeling inspired again.

Of 2019 was the year Dave got back into ultra running and after completing some shorter (ahem) distances in February and May, he completed his goal of running a 100 mile race in September and in less than 24 hours too, so, in case there was ever any doubt, he’s officially 100% badass now, and needless to say i’m insanely proud.

Carrie and I again discussed how 2019 had gone, but also looked forward to this time next year, and what we’d like to be different. And whilst 2020 still sounds like some weird space age future, even thought it’s only a week away, December 2020 will he here before you know it and I wonder how much of this stuff I hope for will have come true.

I feel like I make the same resolutions every year, or in fact the same resolutions every Monday morning; drink less, exercise more, be healthier, be tidier, same my money better, so i’m not going to wang on about all that stuff again, although they will continue to be goals in 2020. I’m not entirely sure I need to be a ‘new me’ next year. I reckon current me is a pretty cool chick already, all things considered.

Last year I said that 2018 could be defined by my mates. I had some great weekends away and grew closer with a lot of people. More importantly though last year  severed ties with some utterly toxic ‘friends’ for which my life has been better for.

This year is a no brainer, it’s been defined by Dave. Because his tenacity and drive to achieve his goals never cease to amaze me, and is the only person who, when I’m absolutely freezing my bum cheeks off in the arse end of Canada and moaning like a petulant child, can make me laugh. And I love having a laugh, despite looking like Ursula from the Little Mermaid when I do. He’s dug me out of some emotional holes this year, particularly in the latter part of the year when things got a bit on top of me, which he does time and time again, kindly and selflessly. I also happen to think he’s getting more handsome with age.


Notice that I’ve purposely not mentioned anything about the recent election or the dreaded B word. Because like our dinner table later today, this is a politics and religion free zone. All can hope for 2020 is that things continue to go well for Dave and I, our family and friends stay healthy and happy, and we all continue to look out for each other. So, more of the same.

Now excuse me, I have 10 people to feed a massive turkey to…

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  1. Rachael Stray
    December 25, 2019 / 8:11 am

    I love that you guys have a matching pj party so much. I wish you a happy and healthy 2020.

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