What coronavirus has taught me this week

Well, the world’s gone a bit mad hasn’t it? Other than a couple of meetings getting cancelled at work, and a ridiculous substitution by Asda online which i’ll get to in a minute, the coronavirus pandemic hadn’t affected me all that much. I mean, stopping in for the next six weeks doesn’t fill me with joy, but we’re lucky we’re able to work from home, have a regular Asda slot booked and healthy Netflix and Prime accounts.

Then 4 days ago I looked at my blog stats and saw a significant dip. I asked a few blogging mates if they’d seen the same, and they had so everyone’s panicking so much about pasta and loo roll, there’s no time for boybands it seems.


Here’s what I’ve learned amongst all the madness

The panic

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I mean, it sounds crazy doesn’t it? But i genuinely thing people like getting in a tizz about something. People want to believe Sandra in accounts who tells you she knows someone who caught coronavirvus from eating a prawn cracker rather than the actual facts. Which are, if you are a healthy adult under 80 years old with no underlying medical conditions you are extremely unlikely to get poorly even if you come into contact with someone who has tested positive for it. And at time of writing this, there were only about 1500 confirmed cases out of nearly 70 billion people.

Who needs reminding about washing their hands?

Wash your hands after you’ve been to the loo, after you’ve eaten etc. Who isn’t doing that anyway?! Who needs reminding to wash their hands after you’ve been for a whizz (or more!). My gym has put up signs saying they’re closing half an hour earlier to disinfect all the machines. Gyms; by the very nature are germ factories at the best of times, why haven’t they been disinfecting the machines at the end of the day anyway?! We’re locking the stable door after the horse has bolted and I am not here for that nonsense. What I am here for though, is washing your hands while singing a Backstreet Boys song. That’s something everyone should be doing.

Panic buying shows people at their worse

Seriously. You do not need 120 rolls of loo roll. You need your regular amount of loo roll. Then there’s enough loo roll for everyone. If you, healthy mum of three are buying all the toilet roll in Waitrose because you’re worried about little Rufus, Persephone and Algernon getting the sniffles, you’re stopping the genuine high risk groups from being able to self isolate comfortably. You’re part of the problem, and you’re the reason that Asda sent us kitchen roll instead of toilet roll because we’d genuinely run out. And now our toilet is going to get blocked. You know what I’m going to stockpile? Toilet plungers.

The one saving grace?


If you look hard enough, among the panic and the scare mongerers and the people worrying unnecessarily, and I mean look really hard. There is some genuine humanity to be found through all of this. When all the sport got cancelled at the weekend, most football clubs in the country donated their unused food to local food banks. There was a drive on Instagram for people to leave their number and general location so people who needed a helping hand could get in touch. My mum braved Sainsburys in Crammers to get us some loo roll when Asda online let us down. And when I found out my neighbour (who is a home carer) had to supply her own hand sanitiser, and couldn’t find any in the shops, I gave her mine. I know, I know, not all heroes wear capes.

Jokes aside, I’m very lucky that I can work from home really easily and really feel for those who can’t or people on zero hours contracts who are being told to stay at home. I also know how stir crazy Dave and I are likely to get after being isolated together for a week or so, let alone what it must be like for people who have a couple of kids who need to stay home too.

So, with the prospect of life being on hold for a while, I’ve put some plans in place to try and get some structure and routine:

  • Go for a walk or gentle jog outside every day
  • When I’m back at work next week, plan out what work needs to be done each day and plough on with all the stuff that can be done that doesn’t involve meeting people
  • Being stuck at home, it’s easy to fall into that Christmas mentality and eat and drink everything in sight; so I want to eat as healthily as possible to avoid looking and feeling sluggish
  • Limit my time on Twitter – every seems to have quickly forgotten to #bekind and Twitter is just full of people panicking or scaremongering or just generally being hatred spouting idiots and I ain’t got time for that

More importantly though, I think we all just need to be sensible and look out for one another.

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