Kamloops isn’t somewhere that stuck out instantly as somewhere we were desperate to visit but it was a large enough town with some interesting things to see and do to break up the long drive between Jasper and Whistler. And when I say large enough town, what I really mean is: commerce. Beautiful, wonderful commerce!

After the best part of 10 days seeing all the wonderous and magnificent scenery that we had, this city girl really needed to be inside a shopping mall for an hour or two. And in that sense, Kamloops was perfect. There was an outlet mall less than 2 miles away from our hotel which had a GAP store. Which I happily spent almost 2 hours in and they kindly relieved me of the $200 that was burning a hole in my pocket.

Sadly though, that’s kind of were the excitement ended for me. There isn’t a great deal to do in Kamloops and as such, spending two nights here (1 full day) ended up feeling excessive in the end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice enough place, we ended up embroiling ourselves in ‘Trivia Night’ in a local pub (a pub quiz to me and you) and shock of shocks, didn’t come last, despite being a lowly team of 2. That was probably the highlight of the whole holiday for me if I’m honest!

During our one full day there we had a leisurely walk into the centre of town (about 20 minutes away from our hotel) and had breakfast in a local Tim Hortons. Dave then found out about the Kamloops back alley art gallery tour; 31 diverse art murals that are part of a collection along the back alleys in Downtown, and all done by different local artists. That was VERY cool

And enabled me to take classic blogger pictures like this:


Problem is, they are stretched over only about 2 blocks, which meant we were done after 20 minutes. So we had a walk down to the park and sat by the river for 10 minutes and walked along the old railway line. Which took another 15 minutes. We were in the pub by 1.30pm. It was a nice pub though! One of the great things about Canada, as opposed to America, is that their micro pub/brewery game is strong. So whereas if you find yourself in somewhere like Kamloops, with so little to see and do, at least you can try and convince yourself you’re being cultural by at least drinking in local establishments not just sitting in Outback Steakhouse.


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