Lockdown week 8 – what’s changed and what hasn’t

So we’re officially in lockdown week 8 now and if last week’s blog post stats about our 2 weeks in Canada proves anything, it’s that no one is bothered about how many moose we saw there. So, i’m continuing to write about what’s going on inside the Newman lockdown compound. What’s changed for us and what hasn’t.

After Boris’ vague statement that wasn’t a statement about the easements to lockdown rules, we figured that the only thing that’s really changed for us is that we can no go and play basketball in a park together, should we wish to. Which we don’t really.

So for in intents and purposes, we’re not really adopting the ‘stay alert’ messaging and sticking with the NHS message of ‘stay at home’.


Speaking of the NHS. My work have now said that all who are now working from home, can expect to stay working from home until at least September. Whilst initially I though ‘wow, that’s pretty far off’, it’s actually made me feel a lot better and settled about the situation. At least now I know that’s the case, and can get used to a this new routine, rather than the whole ‘2 weeks, then another 3 weeks, then another 3 weeks’ etc. Now I can get a desk, chair and monitor sent home so I can set up a proper office in our spare room, and get our dining room table back. It may even become a more permanent solution with the occasion trip to the office for certain meetings.

So now we’re at home for, let’s be honest, at least the rest of the year, I’m trying not to balloon to the size of a house while gyms are shut. And yes I know, I know, putting on weight in lockdown isn’t the end of the world and I accept that. I mean it’s not like I’m seeing anyone other than Dave anyway so a few extra pounds don’t matter. But I just feel better when I’m fit and healthy so keeping active and not eating too much cake is important to me feeling good. I haven’t actually lost any weight on lockdown, but I haven’t gained any either, which, if that continues until gyms open again, is a compromise I’m ok with. I’ve continued with the running, which I’ll be honest I’m getting a but sick of; the same route a 4 or 5 times a week is just really, really boring.


In terms of achievements, and speaking of cake, I resorted to baking at the weekend and made a primary school style vanilla traybake which I saw Olivia post about on The Northernist. It actually turned out really, really nice, but obviously hasn’t helped with the whole paragraph above. Some other achievements, if you want to call them that:

  • We’ve ploughed through 7 series of The Simpsons on Disney plus
  • I still haven’t worn make up in 8 weeks (mostly thanks to a hot bank holiday and some newly acquired freckles)


  • I’ve successfully dyed my own eyebrows using a Just for Men beard dye kit (as recommended by my friend Amy)
  • Dave has discovered a way to make a ‘long’ margarita. Same amount of booze but almost 3 times as much mixer so you can have more than one without getting hammered – tastes amazing too!
  • We’ve Dave’s started a vegetable patch growing potatoes, onions, carrots, courgette, radishes and beetroot

What I haven’t achieved:

  • Wearing anything other than gym clothes to work
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Sleeping properly. Let’s be honest, we’re all still stressed and it’s taking me a lifetime to drift off, as this screen shot from three nights last week will attest:


  • Paying any care or attention to my hair
  • Done a jigsaw

Just picking up on the sleep thing, I’ve tried to improve my sleep habits and bedtime routine to try and combat this temporary insomnia I seem to be experiencing. I go to bed usually about 11pm and put my phone upstairs out the way to charge at 10am then don’t check it again until the morning so don’t get the blue light infiltrating my worried mind. While we’re watching the Simpsons in the hour before bed, I potter around getting ready for bed in between episodes; brush my teeth, put all my lotions and potions on etc so that when we turn the telly off I can turn straight in. But, alas, my mind always springs wide open the second the lights go out thinking about important things like which joggers to wear tomorrow, when should I ask Dave to cut my hair again and how I was robbed from winning and Easter Egg competition in year 5.

All jokes aside I think it’s finally sunk in to me that this is life now for a while, a long while, so I may as well get used to it and try my best to make our life and surroundings as happy and comfortable as possible.

How are you all doing?


  1. Ruth Weatherstone
    May 20, 2020 / 10:21 am

    Things I have achieved in lockdown.
    1. trained cats to cry at front door instead of using cat flap in back
    …thinks for a long time…and that’s it!

  2. May 22, 2020 / 1:31 pm

    OMG I am also one giant freckle! I’m fully embracing lockdown hair and zero makeup – I now happily go to Tesco, walk round my estate and answer my door wearing a tracksuit and sporting wildly frizzy hair ! It makes me feel so free!

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