Lockdown by numbers

Ok so we’re now allowed to see up to six people in our gardens at any one time as long as will stay two metres apart which is great but to all intents and purposes the Newmans are still living very much in lockdown. And much as I’m excited that Primark will be open from 15th June, I’ve kind of turned a corner in terms of what is essential, what I need and what I want to risk being in a shop for the first time in almost 3 months for. Some £3 t-shirts don’t feel all that necessary to me right now.


Anyway, since we’re still elbows deep lockdown and are both working from home, probably, in reality for the rest of the year and it’s well known that I’m a bit of a numbers nerd, I’ve been having a think about that stats behind our own lockdown experience so far.

I mean, there’s no real science behind it, and it all sparked from a conversation about how much more milk we were using drinking coffee at home not at work, but you know, forever chasing that content…

180 – Kilometres ran
133 – Cups of coffee
99 – Kilometres cycled
53 – Days of working from home
24 – Tik tok videos
18 – Weeks since I’ve had a hair cut
18 – TV shows binge watched
12 – Ham and Cheese toasties
10 – NHS claps done
10 – Takeaways
9 – Sunbathing days
8 – Margaritas consumed
7 – Blogs about coronavirus (including this one)
7 – Times I’ve ordered stuff online
5 – Iced coffees
4 – Trips cancelled
4 – Times I’ve cried
3 – Times I’ve seen my best friends
3 – BBQs
2.5 – Days leave or flexi taken
2 – Home haircuts
2 – Times I’ve worn make up
2 – Zoom quizzes
2 – Times I’ve moved home offices
2 – Cakes baked

How funny would it be to re do this list in 6 months time and see how much those numbers have changed?!

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