Protecting your hair in the sun

One of the good things about lockdown, and let’s be honest there aren’t many, is that with working from home, the second the sun makes and appearances we can log off or put in a cheeky halfer and get straight out in the garden. And although extra vitamin D is good for my skin, it’s not so great for my hair, so I’ve been looking into products perfect for protecting your hair in the sun.


We were supposed to be in Portugal this past  weeks, and obviously due to the pandemic that was cancelled. The irony being that once we got out there, would could have self isolated in my uncle’s cottage and not see another soul for two weeks. A plane of 400 people though, possibly not that sensible. Anyway, since that got cancelled we’ve had some annual leave to play with and been keeping an eye on the weather so that when the forecast has been promising, we’ve taken some time off to make the most of it. The last weekend in May being one of them.


I love the sun, I could sit in the sun all day listening to music, reading, writing, there’s something about the sun on my face that chills me right out. The sun, however, doesn’t like my hair all that much and just one day in the heat and it’s a fried up frazzled mess.


I think I’m probably like most people and naively think that the British sun is never strong enough to do any real damage. But since we hit over 20 degrees 5 days in a row in may, I’ve needed invest in some protection. When I went to Thailand I wrote about tricks and products I used to battle the humidity, but that’s not really the issue in the dry heat of the North East of England. Yes of course conditioner is key and after I’ve spent the day in the sun, I use L’oreal 3 minute miracle which gives it a good moisture drench after drying out. Years ago, Boots used to do their own ‘Sun, Swim and Gym’ range of shampoo and conditioner which was incredible for people who exercised  a lot of spent lots of time outdoor, but like everything I ever discover that actually works, it’s been discontinued.


Conditioning after you’ve been in the sun isn’t enough though so I’ve been investing in some UV filter sprays which also have spf in them. They not only protect your scalp from getting burnt (not matter how many ways I try and plait it, or how many hair bands I own it still always happens!) they also really condition the hair and stop them drying out. A few years ago i started using the Schwartzkof shimmer oil which had an spf in and UV filter and smells amazing! It always did the trick and was a staple in my washbag on any sun holiday. But that seems harder to get online at the moment that self raising flour so I’ve subbed out for Lee Stafford’s holiday hero, which pretty much does the same job, is about half the price and available in Boots.

When I did a review of hair products that I used to tame my mane on holiday last year I mentioned this Lee Stafford serum spray which I wasn’t a fan of at the time as i felt it left my hair a little bit greasy. I’ve now done a complete 180 on it and it’s all I use. Since the sun had been drying my locks out, it works so well with any conditioner I use and spraying my hair after a shower after being in the sun has helped LOADS!


Of course the coconutty smell of everything adds to that back holiday vacay vibe. Fingers crossed the nice weather is back now and hear to stay for a while so I can continue working on my natural highlights in the absence of a hairdresser!

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