Lockdown week 14 – the coronacoaster

Not only am i sick of my own voice, because, well, listen to me, or my own face on MS Teams, because, well look at me, but I’ve finally become sick of my blogging voice too. It just took me a good couple of years longer than it did you lot. I’m determined that that is not what this fortnightly lockdown update is going to be able though, oh no, I am turning that frown upside down and I am looking on the positives. Don’t get me wrong, my last update was a self indulgent whinge-fest, but it was a well needed self indulgent whinge fest, it made me feel a lot better, and I got lots of lovely comments about being honest, and people feeling the same as me. But the self indulgence can only go on for so long before you need to pull yourself together and start looking at the positives. Which is what i’m doing, now we’ve entered week 14 of lockdown. I’ve been having a think over the last few weeks over what has kept be smiling, in-between the over dramatic, Dawson’s Creek sliding down the wall crying style meltdowns.

Watching tik tok videos for hours in the bath

I mean, yes I LOVE recording my own. In fact back on 4th April, Steph texted me telling me tik tok was made for me, fast forward 3 months and about 40 videos later, she was bloody right. But one thing I really love is lying in the bath and scrolling through the world’s daft videos. No one is trying to sell you anything, no one is ramming their political agenda down your throat, it’s literally people dancing to The Weeknd.  I’m not a fan of the dances myself, too long and frustrating to learn. I’m down for the lip sync ones though

Ham & cheese toasties


Once relegated to Greek holiday lunches but they’re now off the bench and have become a Newman lunch staple, especially on a Friday when we’re fancying a treat or any day during the week when we’re in need  of a pick me up. Sometimes we hoy an egg on to create a croq madame if we’re feeling particularly cheeky #lavishlifetsyle.

GNR training

Ok this may not be something i’m enjoying per se, in that I’ve always had a well documented love/hate relationship with running. What I am enjoying though, is having a plan. if i have a plan, i more often than not stick to it. So if i have a plan that says I  run 5 days a week, then you will see my fat arse out running 5 days a week. It helps to keep the ham & cheese toasties at bay too.

Sunny days in the garden

The weather can’t really decide what it’s doing at the moment, last Friday was the hottest I’ve EVER been in my own back garden, yet we then seemed to wake up on Sunday morning and it was November all of a sudden. However, when the sun has been shining, bed your bottom dollar we’ve been out there, chilled glass in hand. Because let’s be honest, there’s nowhere else to go is there? Plus all this vitamin D is doing my skin the world of good and all my freckles are making an appearance.

Big Brother’s best shows ever


This TV series could not have come along at a better time for me and is something that 100% got me through the last two miserable weeks. I was a massive BB fan back in the day so, even though I my not have agreed with all the episodes that Davina and Rylan chose as their favourites (too much Celeb BB for my tastes) it was still lush to watch back some of the original episodes and reminiscing about them with my friends on Whatsapp.

The easing of lockdown


Believe me, the Newmans are very much still on lockdown BUT the fact that we’re now able to have friends over in the garden, meet in parks etc has been a big bonus. I have been so lucky living with Dave, I’m not sure how I would have coped with all this on my own but it’s been really great to spend some time with people outside these four walls, and not on MS Teams. I’ve seen Steph, Carrie and Emma in a park, had mum and dad, brother and sister in law in the garden and been to see Ang at her house for her birthday in the middle of June which has all been lovely. Any time spent with Pickles the dog is always sure to put a smile on your face too.

Lockdown birthdays


Today it’s July which means it’s my birthday month, woohoo! And yes, quell surprise I’m the type of person who celebrates my birthday all month long, don’t even look at me like you’re surprised. Whilst perhaps further lockdown easing will have happened by the 28th, there’s no doubt in my mind that this year will be a little different than usually. Still, Dave has promised me there’s a surprise in store, so i’m excited to see what he’s got in store. Fingers crossed it’s drinkable or edible 😉



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