Lockdown week 18 – the end of the beginning?

I haven’t updated in a while about all the lockdown madness that’s going on in the world at the moment because in all honesty, it kinds of feels like this is just normal life now. Even though lockdown is easing, we’re still taking it easy.

In many ways, it feels like nothing has changed and everything has changed all at once. Particularly in the last week or so as we got ready for a week off for my birthday, there has been more stuff to do, and if feels like we’re very slowly starting, or at least considering starting coming out of hibernation and trying new things.


I had a lovely surprise visit from Ang, Dave and Pickles dropping off some brownies from Pet Lamb on Friday night, they couldn’t stop long but we chatted on the drive for 10 minutes and was great to see them. And always great to receive the gift of baked goods.


I guess the real changes though all started last Saturday with the welcome news that gyms were able to open again. I’d been following my local gyms Facebook page as they updated everyone with the measures they were putting in place and I booked a session for 10am on Saturday morning. I was super impressed with what they’d done to keep everyone safe; face coverings to be worn at reception and in the halls/changing rooms, every other machine is taped up and not able to be used, and each machine has it’s own disinfectant spray and blue roll to wipe don before and after use. I definitely felt safe and a good distance between anyone else in the gym. Having done nothing but run for the last four months meant I was so happy to be doing so non impact exercise, my fitness levels however are another story entirely!


Then Saturday night was a long overdue catch up with Carrie and Emma (who are in a bubble together) so I was able to go over to Carrie’s and have a socially distanced fire pit night. It was very strange picking up our take away from a local restaurant; we were seated at the bar while we waited for our order and being in a busy restaurant for the first time in ages felt overwhelming and like an assault on the senses. It’s going to take a while for me to get used to the noise and hustle and bustle again I think. But i’m nothing if not a trooper, I’ll persevere don’t you worry!


Sunday we have a chilled afternoon with my folks and brother and sister-in-law for some pre birthday drinks at home (I even wore a dress and everything!) and Monday afternoon we ventured into town to attend the launch of Zucchini Pasta at fave pub of our No28. Again, it felt strange to be out again; it was the first time on public transport and wearing a mask is going to take some getting used to. Whilst, however, I don’t find them the most comfortable, and slightly claustrophobic, I would never dream of going out without one, and am very much an advocate wearing them to keep everyone safe. Plus ours are cute NHS ones, which I like.

Hands down though the strangest thing I’ve experienced over lockdown? Having a birthday. I turned 38 yesterday, and I’ll be completely honest, when all of this kicked off back in March, I never would have dreamt that we would still be in a similar situation come the end of July. I would have put money on us being back in an office by now, and me bringing in cakes and Twirl bites for everyone.


I know the longer this pandemic goes on, the more people who will have experienced a birthday in lockdown, but it does kind of feel like I’m part of a special club now, and to be fair people have pulled out the stops to make it feel special. Particular shout out needs to go to one of my besties Carolyn who lives in Eastbourne, and we only get to see each other once in a blue moon, who sent this lovely basket of flowers, bubbly and chocolates.

I’ve always been one to draw out a birthday for a long as possible to be fair, so the fact we can only see 4 other people at any one time has worked well in my favour. On the actual day, we went out for lunch with my mum and dad, and had an amazing seafood platter from Collingwoods on the fish quay, with a bottle of champagne that we’ve been chilling for a special occasion.


And as always, the unsung hero in among all this madness is Dave. The last 2/3 weeks have been particularly tough for me, with lockdown and few personal issues I’ve been wrestling with; mostly suffering some severe bouts of impostor syndrome and questioning my abilities and self worth in certain areas. But as always he’s been a tower of strength and on hand with the right words to say or at the very least, a cuddle. I mean, we’ve even inadvertently started dressing the same. Things are looking pretty damn rosy for the Newmans now though and i’m excited about what’s on the horizon, and that’s all I want to say about it for now.*

So, as I said, whilst we are still very much considering ourselves as being on lockdown, we are slowly trying to reintegrate ourselves into society again at our own pace. In terms of next steps I’m looking forward to spending a few hours in our local pub with a couple of friends tomorrow and Ang and Steph are coming over for a socially distanced conservatory night on Friday.

Its baby steps for now, but the world is very slowly starting to feel a bit more normal again.

*No, I’m not pregnant


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  1. Sam
    July 29, 2020 / 8:58 am

    I have loved your little updates throughout. We have yet to venture on public transport, I think that will feel the weirdest for me.

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