6 celebrity wines you can buy in the supermarket

Love wine, love celebrities, so this post was almost inevitable. If I were ever a celebrity, wine would be the number one thing that would make sense for me to endorse, I mean, it’s plastered all over my IG stories anyway, may as well get paid for it right?! So imagine my glee when I discovered there were 6 celebrity wines you can buy in the supermarket!


Anyway, I’m not, so no wine endorsements for me, boo. But thankfully some of our favourite celebs do have their own wines deals and what’s even better is that there’s a canny few celebrity wines which are available in your local supermarket. Yay!

My first foray into celebrity wines I really ever knew about was Cliff Richard who has his own vineyard in Portugal. It’s readily available over there but isn’t held in a particularly high regard and we weren’t all enamoured with it when we tried it. It’s only available online here though so thankfully, didn’t have to be included in this list.

There are a plethora of celebrity wines on offer if you’re willing to order online and pay a fortune in shipping, but I wanted to concentrate on wines that you can pick up with your weekly shopping.

So I did some research and in the space of 48 hours, visiting 4 different supermarkets and about £100 later, experiment commenced!

Ian Botham

Chardonnay, £11 from Tesco
Arguably my favourite cricketer, but someone who’s nickname is Beefy probably wouldn’t be your first choice when guessing a frontrunner in the world of celebrity wines. Beefy by name but not beefy by taste thankfully, we tried the chardonnay, as white wine is what we tend to drink the most of. There is however, also a cabernet sauvignon and a rose available in the range too.

What they say: full bodied, creamy Chardonnay has delicate white peach flavours and subtle hints of citrus. These are combined with a toasty vanilla oak to give an elegant structure and a refined finish

What we say: It is smooth, but to be honest, most wines over a fiver a bottle taste smooth to me since we rarely go over that price point. It was fine but didn’t blow me away and not sure I would rush out to spend £11 on another bottle. It very much felt like a bottle of house white wine in a mid price restaurant. Just not quite enough fruit or punch for my liking.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt


Rosé , £19 from Marks & Spencer
You wouldn’t know it was theirs from just browsing the shelves of your local M&S, it doesn’t have their name emblazoned on the front like some of the others. But it’s Miraval you need to look out for, and it’s definitely theirs, ya know, before it all went pear shaped. Nice to know that they kept something from the marriage I suppose.

What they say: Miraval Rosé could well be the most famous rosé wine in the world, due to the involvement of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The Hollywood couple’s 35 bedroom Château Miraval estate in a remote part of Provence came with mature vineyards lying in a secluded, partially terraced valley, which they were determined to continue producing wine from. An intriguing pale pink rosé with strawberry, white pear and floral aromas. In the mouth the palate is crisp and complex, with summer berry, wild herb and tangy tangerine flavours that linger well on the finish and are balanced by a refreshing acidity.

What we say: Yeah, it’s lovely, as you would expect a £19 bottle of wine to be. It’s waaay more than we would ever spend on wine and nice as it is, it’s not £19 nice. It is very fruity and a pale rose which I much prefer to anything darker, sweeter or drier. Perfect for the summer drinking outside or with fish on the bbq. The bottle is super pretty and would make a nice present, especially given it’s celebrity status, but not one we’ll be adding to our weekly shop that’s for sure

Kylie Minogue


Rosé , £11 from Tesco
Of course Princes Kylie has her own wine and of course it’s a rosé , that just suits her down to the ground doesn’t it? The only thing that would make it even cuter would be if it came in a mini half bottle. Rosé is the only type in the range that she does and it’s made by the same French company who work with Graham Norton on his wine (see below).

What they say: Delicate and fruity with alluring aromas of crisp summer berries and blossom. Made from perfectly ripe, sun-drenched grapes from south facing vineyards, this French rosé is delicious on its own or pairs beautifully with salads and seafood.

What we say: It’s light in colour which bodes well, the closer to white whine for me the better. We tried it on a sunny friday evening whilst having a BBQ and it was the perfect accompaniment for our chicken and salad. Definitely on the fruity side and tasty from the first sip, it’s probably not as palatable as Brad and Ang’s but with the price difference you wouldn’t expect it to be. Out of the two, I would prefer this one all things considered and would definitely buy again if it was on offer or I wanted something a bit more special for a change. If only she did a Sauvignon Blanc…

Graham Norton


Sauvignon Blanc, £9 from Tesco
This feels like it’s been around the longest and the only one I’d actually tried before. I, of course, needed to get another bottle though, just to make sure I knew I liked it, and for photographical purposes. I love that he was offered a wine deal because he drinks white wine on his chat show, that’s actually how I imagine it happening to me if I were famous.; being paid to talk and drink wine, that’s the dream!

What they say: ‘Southern Hemisphere Sauvignon Blanc once again meets Norton Hemisphere brilliance to create this, Graham Norton’s own sauvignon blanc. Enjoy the fruits of an excellent sun-soaked vintage in Marlborough and a memorable afternoon of sampling, swirling, blending and perfecting in London’

What we say: A really nice, fruity, summer wine and my 2nd favourite of the bunch we tried because it has a really distinctive flavour. It’s very smooth, and of first taste gives that ‘ooh that’s nice’ feeling on first sip. Very easy to drink, almost too easy to drink in fact, which is why I only get it when it’s on offer or i’m feeling flash.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Sauvignon Blanc, £12 from Sainsburys
Is there anything this woman cannot do? Stylish, yes, likeable yes (to everyone except Kim Cattrall), stars in the best TV show in the world, yes, married to Ferris Bueller, yes now makes lovely tasting wine? It was one of the harder ones to find to be honest, because despite being exclusive to Sainsburys, we couldn’t find it in the Cramlington store, but did in Whitley Bay. I will cast no aspersions as to the difference in clientele in those two areas.

What they say: ‘Welcome to a most exciting wine collaboration! This New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc was made to a special blend created by Sarah Jessica Parker with the fellas at Invivo. The result: a tropical style with a smooth and long finish. A versatile wine that’s great with food or on its own’

What we say: aye she’s good at making wine too isn’t it? So New Zealand Sauvignon is my favourite kind of wine anyway so it was already my type on paper. It’s really tropical, fruity and refreshing and not dry at all like some NZ sauvignon which are 13% often can be. It’s a lightly light colour, almost the colour of wine on soda, which means it’s totally low on the vinegar scale. If I were super rich, or SJP’s best mate, I think this would be one of my go to wines. Sadly I’m neither of those things.

Phillip Schofield


White, £24.99 from Waitrose (it’s a box though not a bottle!)
Probably one of the more surprising partnerships, I genuinely didn’t know that Pip was in the celebrity wines game until I did my research for this post. He does like a drink with Holly every now and again though doesn’t he so I guess it makes sense. As long as he’s not drinking it at 6am before work.

What they say: ‘Wine enthusiast and Waitrose Weekend columnist Phillip Schofield describes this southern Italian white as “Clean, with a hint of tropical fruit and just a thread of peach.” The eco-friendly box has an inner made from recyclable plastic too’

The eco friendly slant is a weird one. Most wine bottles are widely recycled so it’s not something I’ve ever really thought about before. I actually like the fact it’ a box, as since lockdown I’ve bought more wine by the box for 2 reasons 1. you get more more for your money and 2. it doesn’t crash like a bottle does with the bin men are emptying the recycling. Not just a hat rack my friends. Anyway the wine, waaaaay too dry for me I’m afraid and quite woody, which means you get severe dry mouth after just one glass and need some water on hand to quench your thirst. It’s simply a matter of personal taste, it’s not bad wine at all, it’s just not for me sadly.

Have you tried any of the above, is there some one you’d like to see step into the world of celebrity wines? Would a celeb name make you more or less likely to buy some wine? Or more importantly, any supermarket bargains you reckon I should be trying for my next ‘experiment’?

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