Lockdown 2.0

Well, the last week has been fun hasn’t it? Up here in the North East lockdown has sought it’s revenge. Not total lockdown, we can still go to the pub if you want to, but we still can’t cuddle our mums.

And how has these new rules affected the Newman Show? Well, the thing is, it turns out we’re one of those weird couples who actually like spending time with each other, which, if my Facebook, twitter feeds and insta stories are anything to go by, it quite rare. The amount people who don’t seem to like their other halves is rather startling. So, needless to say, we actually don’t mind too much. We were due to go out for dinner with My brother, sister-in-law and parents on Saturday night which we cancelled, and I was pretty annoyed about that because we haven’t all been together in aaaaagggeees. But we’re all in touch pretty regularly, so whilst it sucks that it is that we can’t all be in the same room drunkenly talking about Pointless contestants who’ve annoyed us, at least we’re all safe and happy. And believe me it’s not lost on me how lucky we are to be able to say that.

So as far as we’re concerned it all good in the hood. But of course, things change and the world of social media loses their mind once again and almost everyone I know is engaging in a game of ‘who has it harder’. And as is often the case, the people shouting on the internet, often aren’t the ones really suffering.

BBQ, Summer, Lockdown

The summer is nearly over, and we had what was probably our last BBQ of the year last week. And once the summer is over that means everyone’s attention seems to go to one thing; Christmas.

And with thoughts of Christmas, comes speculation about what we’ll be allowed to do and who we’ll be allowed to see come the big day. Of course it’s too soon to tell but there is a possibility that by the time the fat man is ready to do his rounds, we may still not be able to see people from another household. Honestly you’d think this prospect was akin to some people being told they had to choose between their kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am one of the worlds biggest fans of Christmas and Christmas day is without a doubt one of my favourite days of the year. My mum is the most amazing cook and who doesn’t love an excuse to drink prosecco at 8 in the morning?

If Dave and I aren’t allowed to see our family on Christmas day, it isn’t ideal, and it certainly will be different. But you know what? We’ll make the most of it. Dave too is an amazing cook too and I’ll be damned if I don’t have a glass of prosecco in my hand at 8 in the morning in my own house.


I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic of course. My childhood catchphrase was always ‘it’s not fair on me’ the difference being though that could usually be rectified with a packet of monster munch or some blue ice cream. I sympathise with everyone who is suffering in any way because of all of this as it’s affected us all in different ways, I think it’s important to remember though, especially when thinking about Christmas, that there will be people who will be spending Christmas without people for the first time this year because of this horrible situation. There will be people dreading Christmas because they’re forced to stay in unhappy homes; unhappy marriages, or perhaps, completely on their own. So I think we need to remind ourselves¬† of that before complaining we have to cook our own parsnips for a change.

If you have a loving family you live with or are bubbled with, you’re lucky. If you haven’t lost a family member to COVID-19 this year, you’re lucky. If you have a husband who makes a mean bowl of stuffing, and the best Cosmopolitans this side of New York,¬† I’m you’re lucky.

I’m not saying it’s not ok to have a moan on the internet, we all need an outlet sometimes to talk about what’s stressing us out (hello, all this blog is, is me having a rant about stuff that annoys me) I’m just saying sometimes we all (myself included) need a little reminding how lucky we are.



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