North East independent Christmas gift guide

I’ve never done a Christmas gift guide before, mainly because other people do them way better than me and I’m such a creature of habit I tend to shop in all the same places all the time, and know what the people I love, like. This Christmas is a little different though. Not only will we all be shopping online more, since at the time of writing, a vast majority of the country are being discouraged from making any non essential journeys, but thanks to the economic disaster that COVID-19 has caused, small, local independent businesses need us more than ever. So I’ve personally committed to doing as much of my Christmas shopping with independent businesses as possible. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need my money this year,

So I’ve pulled together a list of some of my person favourite independent businesses, as well as some other local recommendations that might give you some inspiration.

My personal recommendations:

Becx Beauty

Becca has been my brow and nail gal for years now but when Lockdown began in March and she was no longer to provide beauty treatments, she started her own online shop. She sells vegan and cruelty free beauty products and for Christmas is putting together gift baskets full of unique products. After all, i think we’re all sick of the same Soap n Glory sets year after year aren’t we?

Kayleigh Falcus

I’m lucky to have met Kayleigh a few times thanks to blogging and he’s as talented as she is gorgeous. And she has many strings to her bow. Her jewellery store offers a classy contemporary vibe and really unique pieces. She also sells laser cut gifts and wedding accessories via her gift store. She is more than happy to work with you on bespoke ideas, like this laser cut notebook she did for me when I started a new job and wanted something nice, stylish and unique to me to take up and down the country every month.

The Life Bath Boutique

They say you get drawn to people who dress like you so it’s no wonder I love my friend Kelly’s range of t-shirts, sweatshirts and vests. I mean, she could have designed that Halloween sweatshirt specifically for me. Her stuff is feminine, great quality, stylish and is all about empowerment and positivity.

Luna Lark luxury

Now even more then ever, we’re living in our pjs. And I probably wore mine more than most! Karen created Luna Lark two years ago and her pyjamas are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. I bought my mum and sister-in-law a set last Christmas and they are both now converts themselves too. Everyone loves new pjs to wear to bed on Christmas Eve, these are they. And they have pockets

Marsh Loves Mallow

Who knew the humble marshmallow could be such a thing of wonder and beauty? Nat has built up her gourmet mallow business in her own kitchen and her F*ck the Diet boxes are simply incredible. We order one every couple of months and freeze the treats to be able to have something once a week or so. Doing it that may makes it incredible value. And any time I’ve bought the boxes as presents they’ve become life long fans too.

Pierced By Amy 


Maybe not one for everyone, but since Amy pierced my daith back in March to help with migraines, I’ve been back for two more piercings and have another two booked in for the beginning of December (lockdown restrictions notwithstanding). She will also advise on jewellery and once all my piercings are done I’m going to work with her to create a set that all matches. A few friends have gone to Amy recently because she’s just lovely and great at putting you at ease. Gift vouchers are available so perfect Christmas presents

The Sweet Collector

I’ve always said that when it comes to my sweet tooth it’s ‘ket’ over chocolate that I have a hankering for. I LOVE that retro sweets are becoming a thing now, and with everyone fed up at home on these dark nights, what’s better than gifting a box of someone’s favourite treats? I absolutely love the idea of the Christmas Eve treat box, I’d have that over a mince pie any day!

Warrior and Feral

One of the first clothing brands I ever worked with and I’ve been a fan ever since. Gemma started Warrior and Feral after having her first little baba and makes t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags and wall prints all with empowering messages. I absolutely adore her kids range which are super cute for your little ones and her 90s inspired nostalgic range are right up my street!

The best of the rest:

Discovering Heritage – your house is a special place. What stories lie within the walls? Who turned a key in the lock and opened its doors?
Home Luxe Co – Style your home with inspirational home accessories
Northburn Home Fragrance – a mother and daughter team based in Northumberland with a vision of creating a gorgeous home fragrance brand that is the perfect blend of style, luxury and quality
Not Just a Print – the original home of the personalised vinyl record print!
Philomena’s Boutique – online gift store run by Mandy Charlton which is sustainable, diverse and totally lush
The Phoenix Green Store – breathing new life into old stuff

Hanging By a Fred –  wonderful jewellery from upcycled retired climbing rope, making truly unique pieces
Rock Paper Kisses – Jewellery for the wanderers, the believers, the lovers & the leaders
Ruby Friday – Simple, stylish accessories helping you accessorise and style your outfits

Daisy Doodles – personalised clothing
Melanie Kyles – blending contemporary embroidery and sustainability for a slow fashion ethos
MHW Millinery – hats, fascinators, headbands, headwraps, for FOTF, Ascot racing and special events including weddings.
YANA Active – activewear brand that combines comfort, performance and high-end style

Elfin Aroundcreates theatre and magical experiences for children and families
November Club – just recently launched a collection of Audio Tales – a great lockdown and Christmas present for people to listen to at home
Y Salon – hair jewellery, haircare, hair bands – all sustainable!



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