Christmas in tier 3

It feels like this week is a culmination of emotion for lots of us. Back in March when all this began, I was convinced we would still make our holiday to Portugal in June. This would have all blown over and it would have been a six blip on the radar. Then over the summer, again we were all so sure this would be over by Christmas and we’d be having one hell of a celebration come December. As time went on though a 12 people family Christmas (which is what we’re used to in our family) was looking less and less likely. And at one point, Dave and I had resigned ourselves to the idea that this may well be the first time in our lives ever that we spend Christmas without the family. Now, it’s Christmas in tier 3 for us. 

I mean, we were fully prepared to make the most of it regardless, and count our blessings that at least we had each other, but I’m not going to lie and pretend it would be the same, and that I wouldn’t be disappointed. And it still won’t be the same. We had planned to go to my mum and dad’s on xmas eve and stay until boxing day but thanks to Bozza’s announcement last Saturday, we’re now only able to go and see them on Christmas Day, which is what we plan to do. My brother is going to his in-laws and Dave’s side of the family are joining together in their own xmas bubbles.

We’ve all made sacrifices this year, whether it be holidays or nights out or perhaps even more serious things, like people who’ve stayed away from their families because they work on the front line. This December has definitely been a quieter one for us, we’re usually like ships in the night with the different work/friends nights out we have. So to cheer ourselves up, we decided to have our own office Christmas party, since technically we’ve been sharing an office since March. And we did it proper, I got ready in the bathroom, we had some pre mixed cocktails then a three course Christmas themed Italian meal with crackers and party hats. Anything to just mix it up a little!

Anyway, I digress. The decision to see my parents for Christmas wasn’t one we took lightly. I mean, I know it’s allowed, it’s within the rules and everything, but it’s not like COVID knows it’s Christmas, and is taking the day off to allow us all to mingle together. The way I see it though, Dave and I have barely left the house other than for exercise since lockdown v2 and being in tier 3 since the beginning of December, and neither have my parents other than for their essential food shopping and a walk around the park a couple of times a week. We haven’t been in close contact with another soul for months now, so the chance of any of us having it is so minimal.

And I guess that’s kind of the point of this post really. Not because I feel I have to justify our choices to anyone, but as a gentle reminder that we’re all doing our best to make the best of a bad situation and stick within the rules whilst still being able to see our family or friends after what’s been, lets be honest, a pretty shit year. Christmas in tier 3 certainly wasn’t the Christmas we had planned, but it’s the Christmas we have. All our friends and family are safe and have someone to be with, and that’s something to be thankful for. 

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