21 in 21

I’m not really one for resolutions, well, actually I don’t mind a resolution now and again, but I don’t think you necessarily need to wait until the New Year to make them. Years ago, when no one ever read my blog I did a ‘16 in 16‘ which was the rage at the time. 16 things you wanted to do/see/achieve/change in 2016 I couldn’t bear the thought of doing that every year, and having to think of more new and exciting things each time. After the absolute shit show that was 2020 though, and having dwelled on all the things I missed, or took for granted, or was pleased to get rid of, 21 in 21 actually felt like a good idea.

So these are my hopes and dreams for 2021, some of the same old same old, naturally, but absolutely some lessons the last 12 months have taught me as well, in no particular order


  1. I know it’s time for a break, from work, from Dave, from the same four walls, when I start letting silly little things get to me. And when I say silly things I mean silly things, like asda not delivery our tiger bread (first world probs I know) or being paranoid that I’m being talked about at work. I want to stop letting those little things bother me regardless of the fact that I need time off. No longer do I want to lie awake at night worrying people are going to notice I haven’t worn an underwired bra in 6 months.
  2. Lockdown has made most of us prioritise. Sadly, it’s become abundantly clear what, or who some people I thought I was good friends with have prioritised and I haven’t made the list. I know that’s the way life goes sometimes and perhaps I was naïve to think we were that close to begin with but nevertheless it’s taught me to be done with being treated like an afterthought.


  1. Run more. I managed to hit my target of running 500K in 2020. I want to up that to 500 miles in 2021 because I always succeed in things more when I have a target to aim for
  2. Work with a personal trainer. I have the cardio element of my exercise regime down, but I’d love to learn how to tone up and use weights properly
  3. Switch up my exercise regime in general. It doesn’t always have to be intense cardio every day; more walks in the fresh air and swimming are in my future.
  4. Drink less. Easier said than done, and some of those resolutions I make almost every weekend, but even if it’s one glass of wine less a weekend, that’s got to be a positive change right?
  5. Get into better sleep habits. I’m in a routine of going to bed at around 10.30pm simply because that’s ‘bedtime’ regardless of whether I’m actually tired or not. Which means I end up lying wide awake for 2 hours and feel stressed out. I need to get into the habit of going to bed when I’m tired.
  6. I know I talk about exercise a lot but any regulars will know it’s as much for my mental health than my physical. The older I get the more I want to shift my mindset from exercise being something that must be done to stay slim, or as punishment for something I ate or drank, and more as a celebration of health and what my body is able to achieve. Exercise should be fun. So I want to concentrate more of the fitness I like doing; running, walking and cycling, and less on marathon sessions on the crosstrainer.


  1. Have regular social media cleanses. This is something I’ve been bad at in the past. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that have no time or patience for people who make me roll my eyes. The government have that covered! So any eyeroll inducing accounts are gone.
  2. Rewatch all series of The Real World and The Challenge in chronological order. These two series are my 2 fave TV show and the casts are quite interlinked, having alternate air dates every six months. For years now I’ve wanted to watch them in release order so I can remember the story arcs. Never let it be said I’m ambitious!
  3. I’ve been staggered at how well the blog has done this year, I genuinely thought 2020 would be the year it all ended for me. There was nowhere I could go to review anything and who wants read about boybands when there’s a global pandemic going on? Well, lots of people as it turns out. Gotta love that escapism market. I’m aiming for more top notch content like that to keep the fans happy!
  4. I’ve been asked from a north east institution that I love, to work with them on a project in January, which is extremely flattering and exciting but scary all the same and massively out of my comfort zone. Since we’re now in another national lockdown for who knows how long, why not push myself all within the comfort of my own home?


  1. If nothing else, one thing I pride myself on is being someone who does what they says they’re going to do. When I got promoted in August, this is something I worked really hard on getting into the habit of doing. I want to continue remembering that as we get busier in 2021.
  2. Continue to embrace the working from home lifestyle and remembering that it’ all about balance. It’s easy to work long hours when You don’t have a commute home ahead of you and it’s lockdown so there’s nothing to rush to. I’m lucky to really enjoy my job, but I also need to be able to switch off too.
  3. One of the best things I did in 2020 was create a smart wall in my home office which is essentially a to do list but with post-its under different columns. This is something I want to continue doing in 2021 because it’s so good at keeping me focused.

Beauty and fashion

  1. Much as I embraced to hippy lockdown look by not wearing any make up and growing out my highlights., that’s when I naively thought lockdown would only last 6 months tops. Now we’re going to be working from home for a least a few more months, I want to start making an effort again. For the sake of my colleagues if no one else!
  2. I started between Christmas and New year last year but I really need to have a clear out of my wardrobe and get rid, or donate to charity everything I don’t wear. Life as we know it has changed and the fact of the matter is, we won’t be going out as often as we used to for quite some time. Therefore 3 wardrobes full of jeans and pub tops simply aren’t needed anymore, Neither is most of my old work wardrobe. Perhaps 2021 is the year I’ll get that capsule wardrobe I always coveted.
  3. Speaking of a capsule wardrobe one of my latest fashion obsessions is Ted Baker clothes, second hand mostly, but I did treat myself to some statement heels and a winter coat in the TB sale late last year. Yeah the stuff may be slightly more expensive than what I’m used to from H&M and Primark but the quality is so much better and stuff I reckon will last. You buy cheap, you buy twice after all.


  1. Of course, of course I want to travel again. We purposefully haven’t booked anything because we just don’t know what the situation going to be like from month to month. Even if it’s just some staycations, it will be nice to see a different 4 walls for a weekend or two.
  2. I really want to get back into singing and perhaps acting a little in 2021 which were both things I dabbled in when I was younger. During lockdown Dave has been lucky enough to be subjected to me singing more, and (he’ll kill me for saying this) has admitted that I may not be as terrible as he once thought when I actually sing songs my voice is suited to and take it seriously So who am I to deny the world my dulcet tones?!

And finally….

  1. Convince my mum and dad to get a greyhound called Sandra from the Northumberland greyhound rescue so we can look after her when they go on holiday

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