Why is Joe Biden such a big deal?

One thing this blog has never been is a political platform and that’s not something that’s going to massively change now, despite appearances and what the title may suggest. No, this is a safe haven for me to talk about boybands, white wine and things that I’m passionate about. One of the things I’ve always been fiercely passionate about is how people conduct themselves in public and how you can tell a lot about a person based of how they handle themselves under pressure.

Let’s rewind ever so slightly as you may well be thinking ‘so what? Why do you care so much about Joe Biden’?  well, as loyal readers of the blog will know, I grew up on army bases for the majority of my childhood which were both heavily American influenced. We celebrated 4th July and Halloween was a massive deal. As such it’s left both me and my brother with keen interests in American culture, particularly sport and politics. Plus one of my very best friends is American, so I show more than a passing interest in the culture she has to live in.

And that’s where Joe Biden comes in, and the day he gets inaugurated as the 46th President of the USA seems like a good time to talk about all this stuff. Because if he has taught us anything in the last year, and let’s be honest, last year brought lessons for us all, it’s how to conduct yourself with dignity, when faced with an almighty abhorrent example of a human being (sorry, couldn’t help myself there, he who shan’t be named inevitably creeped in).

You see, when Obama was president, I kind of fell in love with him a little bit. I mean, come on, that man is cool AF. What’s more though is I fell in love with the bromance he had with Joe, and how together, they had such grace, good manners and integrity. When Trump got elected Obama graciously shook his hand, and passed on the baton with the unspoken poker face that we all know Hilary was robbed.  And wished him well. It wouldn’t surprise me, if in 2 years time, that orange monstrosity denies ever having been president at all judging by recent behaviour (sorry!!)

Ok jokes aside, what does this all mean and who really cares that Joe Biden is now president as opposed to another 4 years of the same president, or someone else entirely. Well, my 2 cents, for what it’s worth, after the year we’ve all had, I think everyone’s ready for a change, ready for someone who speaks a bit more sense, someone so doesn’t deny that COVID19 is a thing or refers to it as ‘the Chinese virus’. In the last year, whether it be coronavirus, or black lives matter or Brexit, it feels like we’ve become more polarised than ever, and we need someone to bring us back to the middle and remind us of what unites us, not what divides us.  Plus when the Backstreet Boys get involved and start showing their true *cough*racist*cough*Brian*cough* colours, then it’s personal.

For me, it’s about having a public figure with a bit more class and a little less showmanship. Someone that young people can look up to, because no matter what you may think, the leader of the free world, does affect what happens on our little island.

 And let’s be honest, President Harris sounds really good doesn’t it?!

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