Femmeluxe has lockdown style covered

I love being able to collaborate with different brands on the blog and what’s even more flattering is when you work with people who are a good fit. I can’t think of anyone who is a better fit for me right now that working with a loungewear company and Femme Luxe are the frontrunners when it come to cosy loungewear. Because other than for the hours government sanctioned exercise you’re allowed to do a day, I haven’t left the house for almost the last year. So it goes without saying that if I’m going to be sitting around the house all day, I want to be comfortable.

For work


One of the, if not the best thing about working from home is that you spend most of your time on Teams or Zoom calls, meaning at the very most people only ever see you from the waist up. It’s also become very apparent that people are ditching the suits and ties in favour of comfy hoodies and sweatshirts. What I’ve found works best for me, is subtle colours that aren’t distracting or warp on the computer screen. A plain black or grey hoodie works perfectly for this, and I will often pull my necklace out just to make it look that little bit more feminine.


That’s the beauty of these co-ord sets no one knows what’s on the bottom half so you’re super comfortable all day without sitting around in your pyjamas, and no one can see!

For exercise


Since the beginning of lockdown we’ve had to get creative with our exercise and the majority of my workouts are not conducted in my garage where it’s freezing cold! One of my new favourite things to do is retro dance glasses on YouTube and that’s where these comfy joggers come in, especially in these pastel colours – so retro and they make me feel like at least I look the part even if I don’t dance the part!

I’m also a keen runner, and although I’ve had to try and dodge the snow this year, I’ve still managed to get out a few times and the joggers are also perfect for that. No one likes corned beef legs after getting too cold running in leggings.

For lounging

In the past I’ve always been guilty of putting my pyjamas on straight away after work or exercise because I didn’t want to dirty a new set of clothes. These loungewear sets are the ideal compromise. They’re as comfy as pyjamas but they don’t make you feel guilty answering the door to the Amazon Prime delivery driver in them!

What about after lockdown

Let’s be honest, we’re all dreaming about the day we can leave the house and be in open spaces with other people once again, and that’s going to raise the age old question of what the heckers are you going to wear?! Femme Luxe aren’t limited to only loungewear! They also have an amazing array of bodycon dresses.

Me being your stereotypical hourglass shape means a bodycon dress is ideal for me and I fell in love with this bottle green dress the second I sore it. Its 100% my favourite colour in the world and the fact that it’s ruched means it fits like a dream and accentuates my curves to make me feel like Kim Kardashian. I reckon it would be pretty versatile too. It would be appropriate for a black tie event with some killer heels or some sandals on a warm beach holiday. Holidays, remember them?! I just need to line up somewhere swanky for Dave to take me now so I can show it off!


The only bad thing about ordering online sometimes is that you can be unsure on sizes and I’m always worried things are going to come up small due to be being bigger on the bottom than the top. FemmeLuxe sizing is super generous which means I fit happily into a 12 of everything I’ve ordered, or a 12/14 if that’s the option available. The sizing on the website is really clear as well so if it says small, medium, large etc, it explains in brackets which UK dress size that equates to.

All in all I’m very happy with everything I’ve tried from FemmeLuxe so far, and can’t wait to lounge in them to the max!

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