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*this is a collaborative post with DeliverBrew North East

In just over a month it will be a year since we went into the first Lockdown. So many social events have been put on hold in the last year; weddings, big birthdays, BBQs with all the family, and my personal favourite, sitting in our local beer garden in the sun. So needless to say we’ve all had to get a little bit creative with how we keep ourselves entertained and giving ourselves little treats here and there, and for us this year, valentines day will be no different. I mean I’ll be quite honest it will probably consist of me sitting on the kitchen floor drinking wine while Dave cooks something nice at some stage of the weekend I’m sure.

It’s not something we always massively observed, to be honest, it was always just a nice excuse to have a nice dinner together with some of their favourite food and drink. Not that we can’t or won’t do that this year of course, but it’s also what we’ve been doing to treat ourselves for the last year already, so doesn’t feel as special any more. So again, we’re left trying to think of unique ways we can have a treat.

Normally, the DeliverBrew team operate out of one of the most haunted pubs in Northumberland (The Sun in Bedlington – honestly, google it!). However, due to old  COVID-19 though and the shut down of the hospitality sector across the UK, DeliverBrew was born

After the pubs closed on March 20th 2020, it was a matter of weeks before they decided to use their pub license to create our own beer delivery service which initially started out with the intention of only serving the local Bedlington community. However, demand was so high it allowed them to expand wider, and they soon realised that this was more than just a lockdown gap filler.

If like us, you’re looking for something to try somewhere a little different this valentines day and also want to support a local business, DeliverBrew has got you covered with their gorgeous Tequila Rose and Prosecco Hamper; Tequila Rose Strawberry & Cream Liqueur (70cl), two full bottles of prosecco, 2x Champagne Flutes, Lindt Strawberries & Cream Truffles, 2x Cadbury Share Bags (Twirl Bites & Dairy Milk Giant Buttons, Walkers Sensations Roast Chicken & Thyme Share Bag and Single Red Rose for £50 delivered free to your door. Come on, that’s gotta take the sting out of not being able to go anywhere right?!

If that’s a little too extravagant for you though there’s plenty of other options like Shimmering cocktails: Cupid’s ShimmerBerry (Beefeater Strawberry Pink Gin, Smirnoff Vodka, Monin Blackcurrant, Cranberry, Lemonade – with added glitter effect! (these look sooo pretty!), a selection of wines, fizz and champagne or a selection of sharer chocolates.

Obviously they’re not just here for valentines day and have loads of other packages from cocktail sharers to movie night bundles so while Storm Darcy, or the Beast from the East part 2 or whatever it is that’s causing this bonkers weather right now is knocking around, and it’s harder to get to supermarkets and impossible to get to a pub thanks to Boris, why not let someone else sort out our weekend treats?

All you need to know is on or @deliverbrewne over on Insta


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