FemmeLuxe to the wardrobe rescue!

Is it still winter? We’ve had more snow in the first few months of this year than I think we’ve had in the last 10 years! Seriously, how depressing is it that we’re almost a year into this whole pandemic thing and we’re still no further forward! February is still cold and dark, you’re skint and we can’t leave the house. The one thing we usually have to look forward to is my dad’s birthday in the middle of the month but thanks to the latest lockdown we can’t even celebrate that any more either. So needless to say I’m not a happy bunny this February.

On thing we can do though, and of course should be doing, is staying safe in the house, and if we’re staying safe in the house that means lovely cosy loungewear to sit around the house in watching Netflix and eating take aways. Because if we’re being forced to stay in the house we may as well be comfortable right?

It’s incredible how much my personal style has changed, not only over the years, but over the last year. I have a very busy, very demanding job, which mean before COVID, I was up and down the country at various meetings, publicising the work we do, presenting, networking, etc etc (sounds more exciting than it actually was – most of the networking was done in a Wetherspoons). Now of course I’m working from home. I was used to working from home a little bit before lockdown, and was always a fan of it, but doing it all day, every day is a different kettle of fish altogether and I now spend 90% of my week on MS Teams calls.

So in terms of style, what that means is I’ve swapped pencil trousers and blazers and heels for comfy co-ordinated loungewear, joggers and loungewear sets. And that’s where Femme Luxe has come to my rescue. And you know what, that’s all very well and good, but what about the days when you feel like you want to smarten up a bit? What if you have a job interview? What if you have an important meeting? The best thing about that? You can wear really cute loungewear sets like the one above, because, not only are they amazingly comfortable, but people can only see the top half of you, meaning this gorgeous burgundy colour, for example, looks really smart to my work colleagues. And even more so because it’s not a thick hoodie or sweatshirt, looks even more smart.


The other thing I love about this suit (I’ll stop gushing in a minute I promise) is that despite being a loungewear set, I can 100% see me wearing this on the next long haul flight I’m able to go on, again, no one could argue it wasn’t smart enough for the fancy airport lounge you’ve booked yourself into, and super comfy for the 6 hours it takes to get to New York City!

Of course there’s still the age old issue as to whether or not to save certain clothes for work and certain clothes for weekends. At the moment, I’m very much of an ‘anything goes’ kind of mentality but there are a few exceptions. I keep my really special, super comfy stuff for the weekends, to give myself and extra little treat because I’m wild like that! These combat style joggers are perfect for such occasions. Super baggy and comfortable and also give that All Saints vibe I’ve been trying to pull off since 1999.

All clothes in this post were kindly sent to me by FemmeLuxe, where you’re find an amazing array of lounge wear, loungewear sets, joggers, and bodycon dresses. I know what you’re thinking, just another throw away fast fashion brand. And I thought that in the beginning too, but i was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I genuinely adore the fine knit lounge wear sets and just want them in all colours since they fit me so well and are super flattering!


Sizing wise they’re true to size, if not a tad on the generous side. I’ve learnt in recently times that more fitting styles tend to suit me more than big and baggy so although I’m normally a size 12-14, a size 10 in the loungewear sets actually fit me extremely well!


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