Styling Femme Luxe loungewear

It’s incredible how much my personal style has changed, not only over the years, but over the last year. I have a very busy, very demanding job, which mean before COVID, I was up and down the country at various meetings, publicising the work we do, presenting, networking, etc etc (sounds more exciting than it actually was – most of the networking was done in a Wetherspoons). My point is, thanks to lockdown, I’ve now been working form home for the last year and am likely to be doing so for the foreseeable future, if not forever.

So in terms of style, what that means is I’ve swapped pencil trousers and blazers and heels for comfy co-ordinated loungewear, joggers and loungewear sets. And that’s where Femme Luxe has come to my rescue. And you know what, that’s all very well ad good, but what about the days when you feel like you want to smarten up a bit? What if you have a job interview? What if you have an important meeting? You know, the ones where you actually bother to put make up on for a change? Does that mean you all of a sudden have to ditch the loungewear and the joggers and revert back to wearing heels in your home office again?


No, not at all. And that’s the beauty of the vast array of loungewear and loungewear sets that Femme Luxe offers, Lets start with my ultimate favourite sets, these leggings and v-neck top sets. There are many reasons why I love these, I could talk all day about it, but namely, the the colours, which are nice alternatives to black, the legging style bottoms are more form fitting and more flattering on me, and the fact that it’s a v-neck means that it looks a lot smarter on MS Teams calls. I mean, since no one can see your bottom half, so throw on a statement necklace and who’s to say can argue you don’t look super smart?!

The other thing I love (I’ll stop gushing in a minute I promise) is that despite being a loungewear set, I can 100% see me wearing this on the next long haul flight I’m able to go on, again, no one could argue it wasn’t smart enough for the fancy airport lounge you’ve booked yourself into, and super comfy for the 6 hours it takes to get to New York City!



So moving on to some other pieces I’ve picked up from Femme Luxe recently; and I couldn’t resist another set of their joggers, because joggers are life, and what else are you going to wear when you’re ordering the 3rd take away of the week and re-watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix on a rainy January Sunday? I’m on a mission to have a pair of these joggers in every colour, this week that colour just happened to be white and black marble effect. Just wait until the summer’s here, the nice weather is back, and I get some colour back in my legs, those white joggers are going to look amazing with a tan!

Speaking of joggers, definite shout out for these simple black joggers, I also ordered, if for their 90s All Saints vibes alone. I’ve said it before but for a ‘fast fashion’ brand, the quality of Femme Luxe stuff really is incredible, they’re proper cotton, not that cheap itchy viscose stuff that stinks after wearing it for half an hour.

They also have these joggers which I’m desperate to get my hands on for the 90s vibe but they’re always sold out. Mega #sadface

Finally I just what to talk really quickly about the variety of stuff on offer and how easy it is to interchange all your pieces. For example, nothing wrong with teaming up these white joggers with the super cute coral hoodie, that normally goes with their own matching joggers. Or the Coral joggers with your black hoodie. Everything is so complimentary to each other that with just ordering a few different loungewear sets, you can actually create a multitude of different outfits without spending a fortune. It’s like fashion wheel for the 2021 lockdown generation! I may never wear anything other than loungewear ever again!


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