Burger Drop Newcastle review

*we received a complimentary meal in return for an honest review*

If there’s one thing we’ve had a lot of over the last year it’s take aways. Honestly I’m not exaggerating when I say we’ve had more take aways in the last year than I’m probably had in my whole life combined. I mean, what else has there been to do? We can’t go out for dinner, we haven’t been able to leave the house for the most part so some weekend it’s literally been the only thing we’ve had to look forward to. What we’ve always tried to do when ordering our take aways is supporting local independent businesses rather than relying on big chains. On of those local businesses we were lucky enough to try recently was Burger Drop which has recently opened on Newcastle’s West Road.

That part of town holds fond memories for me as it happens. For four years I worked at what was the Newcastle General Hospital and probably every friday of those four years we went to Wingrove Chippy, which is the site that Burger Drop now inhabits, so a least now we know that iconic location is in safe hands.

Burger Drop burgers have been curated with real thought and months of hard work to craft an experience that exceeds so much more than your average take away burger. For starter, nothing, and I mean nothing is frozen, which means the meat retains its succulence, something which is extremely evident, especially in the chicken burger we tried which was exceptional quality. All of their food is Halal and they only use high grade A meats from local butcheries and farms.

They also keep it simple. Their menu is small but perfectly formed meaning there’s something there for every palate. The burgers aren’t filled with loads of different sauces that all mix together and overwhelm the taste of the meat, they pick good quality ingredients from the buns to the the coleslaw to the salad which all compliments each other to create a really authentic taste. We had a meal which consisted of a burger each (one beef and one chicken) some seasoned skin on fries and some bbq chicken wings. The seasoning on the fries was a nice touch and gave them a smoky Cajun flavour and the sticky bbq wings had the perfect amount of sauce on them without overwhelming the taste of the chicken.

The burger market is competitive, especially with more and more take aways opening up during the pandemic and it’s so easy to get wrong. A good burger is almost like an art and I’m pleased to say it’s an art that Burger Drop has down and the future looks positive for them. When I went to collect our order the phone was ringing off the hook which is always a positive sign, they’re clearly already building traction in the Newcastle area and once restaurants are allowed to open you’ll be able to dine in at their Westgate Road site. It’s going to be exciting to see how they grow once the world opens up again.

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