Look to Lash review

Let me state for the record, or anywhere else you want to put it, that I am not a glamourous woman. And I never have been. I only learned how to put on eyeliner about 2 years ago and I put my eyeshadow on with a pre done ‘smokey eye set from Bourjois that does the hard work for you (seriously check them out on eBay, they’re amazing). So needless to say, for a very long time I figured the false eye lash game were reserved only for Katie Price.

Don’t get me wrong, I have worn false eyelashes before, the day I got married and the day I saw Madonna in Edinburgh (I mean, both lash worthy events right?) but they were supermarket lashes with crap glue and I always, always always had someone else put them on for me.

When I met Jess who runs her own lash business, Look to Lash, she completely transformed my opinion. For a starters, she showed me all the different styles she has which are more appropriate for a lady of my advanced years that won’t make me look like Whitney dressed as Britney. Essentially, they’re just an extension of my own eyelashes but just give that much fuller, fluffier look but without looking fake. And they come in their own handy compact with mirror and lash tray with section for glue which makes them night out handbag friendly – what a clever sausage she is!

One of the biggest issues, after my hooded eyes, which I’ll get onto later, was that I was never able to put them on myself, and I’m not going to lie, it look some practice and a few tantrums before I mastered it. Look to Lash also sell lash tweezers which help grip them well while you try and position them properly on your eyes. I also found that putting some liquid eyeliner on first helps massively as for where to actually place them. Those two things combined means I’m a fully fledged putter onner of my own lashes now. And Dave and Ang breathe a sigh of relief.

One of the biggest things that would stress me out about them was the fact that obviously you need to be quite close to the mirror to apply them, and I could always see the gap between my natural lashes and the false ones and that put me off wearing them because I was convinced I didn’t have the technique right. If that’s the case with you, take a step back and look from a distance, and you’ll see they were probably on perfectly all along. At the end of the day, who is ever really that up close and personal to your eyelids anyway?!

But here’s the funny thing, I’ve always been a fan of the natural look; on anyone, not just myself, and I’m not sure I would be such a lash convert had it not been for lockdown. I have spent so much time on the other side of MS Teams, looking at a teeny tiny image of myself in the bottom corner with ever growing roots and no make up on. Once it was time for the world to open up and start going out again, I wanted to make more of an impact, see more of a transformation from day to night. Plus we wear masks 50% of the time now and probably will for a good few more months, your eyes are more important than they used to be!

I’m not just saying this because Jess is my mate, in fact it’s because she’s my mate I can be more honest. But they really have become part of my make up routine now. As I mentioned before I have quite bad hooded eyelids which means my eyes have never been my strongest feature and eye make up never my forte. As least with these they help to making me look somewhat presentable and they will for sure being a more regular feature over the summer!

There are some canny offers on Look to Lash at the moment as well if you’re quick; 20% site wide (not includes sale or bundles) and a free make sponge with all orders (while stocks last, between now and 2nd June 2021)

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