Growing Your Optometry Business And How To Stay Relevant

Keeping up with competitors and larger companies is a constant challenge for everyone, no matter what industry you’re in. The world of optometry and opticians is no exception to this, and we wanted to share our top tips for you to stay relevant and increase the growth of your business.

Making good use of both physical and digital marketing materials is very important to boosting the number of visitors to your store, as well as encouraging new sign-ups. Good marketing includes posters, billboards, window displays, social media graphics, and well-designed web services. There is a huge number of marketing agencies out there or if possible, create your marketing designs in-house to save money and time. Don’t forget though, this isn’t a quick and easy task, and should be given a lot of thought to ensure effectiveness. There are companies like iTonic who can help take the strain off organising your marketing campaigns if you’re unsure where to start.

Work With Up-To-Date Manufacturers
Customers, especially those that are seeking more experienced, independent opticians and optometrists, will likely have an idea of what’s good and what’s not when it comes to frames. There are lots of people out there that are mainly looking for functionality and affordability, which is important to offer. But for those that are interested in designer brands and finding good deals on chic styles, you’ll want to be sure you’re up to date with current trends. Dedicate time to researching what’s in fashion right now and the predictions for the near future. This summer, for example, Lulu Guinness glasses frames are popular choices and you’ll find frames such as this at experienced at dedicated suppliers such as International Eyewear. Don’t lose your touch when it comes to the hottest trends and you’ll find that your customers will place a lot more trust in you and your team.

Social Media
Similarly to marketing, keeping tabs on your social channels is pivotal to a successful practice. Offering discounts and sharing new-in frame choices is a great way to maintain good public engagement. Utilise the wide range of designing and scheduling software to post regularly with limited hassle. You could also use the best site to buy Instagram likes to boost marketing posts, helping you reach a wider audience. This can be outsourced too, but the more jobs like this that you pass on, the lower your profit margins will be. Of course, if you end up getting some great social media content, you may find that your popularity will sky-rocket, netting you a great increase in your sales and appointments.

Without a good team, you’re likely to find that your business will struggle to reach its full potential. Hiring the best staff members is ideal in any circumstances, but sometimes that’s just not feasible. However, it’s often said that encouraging and nurturing promising hires is a wonderful way to build your team into what you need. Don’t forget, it’s better to be a leader than a boss.

Lastly, why not consider expanding the services you offer by partnering with other local professionals such as audiologists? Many of the larger opticians offer hearing tests and hearing aid fittings. Why focus on just sight? Find a respected audiologist that will fit nicely into your team so that you can give those that are hard of hearing the choice to visit a local independent store instead of having to settle for one of the large chains.


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