Costs to Consider When Buying a Motorhome

Motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular purchases. What could be more relaxing than enjoying the open road, the fresh air, and the location you desire from the comfort of your very own motorhome? However, once you have bought the motorhome of your dreams, there are some extra costs you will need to consider.


If your front garden is big enough to accommodate your motorhome, that is fantastic. However, many people do not enjoy this luxury and you may need to pay to store it. Most garages are too low to house your motorhome comfortably so, unless you have a very high ceiling, this will rule out the garage option. Storage can be found if you look for it, but you may have to shop around to find the best deals. It can often be worth ringing around local farms to see if any of the farmers can rent you some space privately as this can work out quite cost-effective, but you will need to factor this into the overall price.


You will need to insure your motorhome in order to drive it. This can work out expensive but, if you use a motorhome insurance comparison site like Quotezone, they will be able to shop around for you to find you the best deals. This can save you a lot of time and money as well as the hassle of having to call insurance companies individually.


You should check that your driving licence covers you to drive a motorhome before you buy one, otherwise you will need to upgrade your licence. Even if your licence does cover a motorhome, it is worth finding a local course so that you can get a lesson or two before you take it out on the road for real. It may be bigger than anything you have driven before, and you could be a little nervous. A lesson or two will give you the confidence you need to enjoy driving your motorhome.


Invest in a motorhome GPS or upgrade the one you have for your car so that it has a motorhome program. This will stop you from getting stuck on any narrow roads that you can’t drive down easily, and it will also make sure that you can circumnavigate low bridges or other places that are not accessible to a motorhome. These are a must-have if you don’t want to cause yourself problems.

Additional Space

It is worth purchasing an awning if you want to add space to your motorhome without increasing the size or price of the vehicle. Awnings can provide you with a living or dining area and can be used to store kids’ muddy boots or bicycles. They are not too difficult to put up and can be stored in your motorhome easily.

These are the extra costs you should consider before you buy yourself a motorhome. These tips will allow you to have years of stress-free, comfortable motorhome holidays. Enjoy your trips!


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