The Biggest Hairstyle Trends of 2021

As more people are finally ready to get back to the salon after weeks or even months since their last visit, the question becomes, what are you going to get? For some people, the pandemic was an opportunity to work with their natural colour or texture, whilst others cannot wait to make a change.

If you are looking to do something different with your style, read on for some inspiration.

Curtain Bangs

These remain popular after a resurgence late last year. They are versatile and can be worn as a normal fringe or parted and swept off to either side, much like curtains hence the name. They suit most face shapes and help to highlight the cheekbones. Curtain bangs require the least maintenance of all the fringe options, and they continue to look good as they grow out.

Shag Cuts & Layers

Despite your hair length, one of the biggest hair trends of 2021 is choppy layers and lots of them! They are great for adding dimension to mid to longer hair. They also make it easy to create volume. They work for all hair textures from straight to wavy to curly to coily. For straighter hair, it creates a better shape, and for curlier hair, it stops the curls from looking bottom-heavy. If you do want a shag cut, it is vital that you pick the right hair salon. Zinke Hair Studio has locations in Denver and Boulder, made up of expert stylists who you can trust to help you achieve your desired look.

Rapunzel Vibes

Hair length is all about extremes this year, with more middling or in-between styles going out of fashion. Instead, it’s all about either going for a drastic chop or growing the hair out long. The pandemic has helped many people grow their hair out, so it has become fashionable. Many people are even opting for extensions to achieve hip-length locks.

Boyfriend Bobs

Bobs have been consistently popular for a few years now. Many variations of bob cuts are ‘in’ from shoulder length to blunt cut, but perhaps the most popular version this year is the boyfriend bob. They are more square in shape, shorter and blockier than other styles. They can be worn sleek and straight or tousled to suit all styles.

Natural Textures

Throughout the pandemic, many people began to forego their heat styling tools as they were leaving the house less. This has lead to a popularisation of people wearing their natural hair textures more. Curls and waves are having their moment. These styles are an extension of 90’s and 00’s trends coming back into fashion too. They are also better for the hair as, obviously, heat styling can be damaging.


Many people felt stagnant during the pandemic, which lead to boredom. One of the few outlets that people had was their hair, so home cut mullets were born. That being said, a mullet is a bold commitment. However, the most recent iteration is softer and more fashion-forward than its successors. Mullets are also a great unisex hairstyle that everyone can try.


These trends seem to go from one extreme to another. While natural textures are on the rise, the flipside of this is that some people see haircare as a form of self-care, so a blow-out is a treat. A blow-out is beautifully smooth and sleek, leaving the hair looking incredibly glossy. In addition, the blow-out signals a return to glamour.

Short Cuts

Pixie cuts are out, and more ‘male’ cuts are in; think short back and sides. It is edgy and rebellious but still lends itself to different styles. Most importantly, it is easily maintained, although it can look awkward when growing it out.

In Conclusion

Everyone deserves a treat, especially after the last couple of years. So if you are feeling a little restless with yourself, why not go for a bold new style to revamp your self-image. Hopefully, the above will have given you all the inspiration you need.


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