No28’s Bottlemless Brunch with Zucchini Pasta Bar

This is the 4th time I’ve been to No28 for bottomless prosecco and the reason for so many return visits are 2 fold. 1. it’s one of my favourite bars in Newcastle where the vibe is just right, the ambiance is gorgeous and the music is en pointe. 2. They keep on changing their food menu which means every few years there’s an opportunity to try something new! Plus who doesn’t like two hours of bottomless prosecco? Nobody!

Previous incarnations of their bottomless prosecco deal have been thai style tapas, Meat:Stack burgers (my personal favourite thus far) and El Nido charcuterie boards. The principle has always been the same though; as much prosecco as you like within the space of two hours or so, along with some yummy food to line the stomach.

The latest food offering it hit No28 is Zucchini Pasta bar, which also has residence on Swan House roundabout in Newcastle and the food court in the Metro Centre, and are much more than your standard Italian restaurant. Italian with a hipster twist I would say; gourmet mac & cheese, lots of bbq pulled pork and their own freshly made pasta (using local Northumberland farmed free range eggs, fact fans!). And it’s pretty delish.

When you have bottomless prosecco at No28 you have an ever so slightly limited choice as to what’s included in the deal, but of course you can order extras should you so wish. Basically, anything down the left hand side of the menu is included:

I went for the mac & cheese with bbq pulled pork and Steph had the ravioli, which incidentally is one of her favourite things in the world. Now, mac & cheese is an easy thing to get wrong, often it’s bulked out with crap tasteless cheese or too much milk or cream which makes it watery. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Zucchini’s mac & cheese, it’s deliciously cheesy and the addition of the bbq pulled pork is inspired; mixed it all together makes a taste sensation frankly and the portions are generous meaning it soaks up the prosecco nicely! I had a taste of Steph’s ravioli as well and the tomato sauce in particular tasted really fresh.

The way the bottomless prosecco works is you get a full bottle as soon as you arrive for you to distribute as you see fit amongst your party then turn it upside down in the bucket when you’re finished to indicate you want some more. The team are pretty hot on it as well to be honest, no one seemed to be out for any great length of time.

Slots are limited to 90 mins or two hours, which is understandable really, would you want to deal with a large group who’ve been on the lady petrol for 6 hours?! But how much does it cost and is it worth the money? Well we paid £33 each for two hours (a full list of options and prices are at the bottom of this post) which felt like decent value. We went through 2 bottles of prosecco so probably just about broke even as to whether it would have cost a similar amount had we just gone and ordered food and our own drinks outside of the deal. I think it probably comes into it’s own more when you’re in a large group and are ploughing through the fizz a bit quicker than we did.

It’s still, a really fun afternoon out though and seeing as they were playing Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan as I walked in quickly followed by Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas, I could happily have sat there all afternoon for the music alone!

Here’s everything you need to know:

1 ½ hours £28 per person
2 hours £33 per person

Upgrade either of these packages to include Rose prosecco for an extra £2 per person

Every Tuesday to Friday 5pm – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday 12pm – 8pm



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