3 Reasons Why Dogs Wear A Bandana – And Why Yours Should Too

Why do dogs wear bandanas is a commonly asked question. It is a fair one to ask and the answers vary between practical and fashionable reasons.

A significant portion of people will put a bandana on their pet dog to show off their personality. It is often a funny or adorable design. Taking a photo of them wearing one will make for a well-loved social media photo. We have all double-tapped an Instagram photo of a dog wearing a cute bandana at least once!

For others, bandanas can inform other dog owners of important information. For instance, bandanas can show dog owners if the dog is in training or if they are anxious – even if they are deaf.

The practical reasons for dogs wearing a bandana are plentiful, here are just a few of them. Some of them might have you considering investing in one for your dog.

Look Less Intimidating

Being scared of dogs is a common feeling for many people, with the reasons for their fear varying. Whilst many of these fears cannot be solved with an adorable bandana, they can help if it is a big dog that looks intimidating.

In many cases, big dogs that have a bulky frame and their teeth are incredibly friendly. Seeing them wearing a bandana, with a fun print can help people view them differently. It might not resolve a person’s underlying fear, but it can help to ease it a bit.

Reversible dog bandanas from companies like Monro Pets, come in an excellent selection of designs. There is likely to be one that could help people view your dog differently, and see them as the loving, friendly canine that they are.

Keeping Them Calm

Some dog owners will use a bandana to help keep their dogs calm when they are anxious or seem agitated. They will use a stress relief spray on the bandana, under the chin, as it is close to the dog’s nose. It will help in keeping them calm. For some dogs, loud noises can be a trigger. For others, it is having too many people in their space. Whatever the reason, having a bandana with a calming spray could help in reducing their anxious feelings.

Staying Cool And Keeping Warm

Having a bandana wrapped around the dogs neck and covering their chest will provide them with an extra layer to keep them warm on a cold winters day. However, on days when the weather is unbearably warm, a bandana wrapped around a dogs neck can also help. If you want your dog to cool down, you can wet the bandana before applying it. In doing so, it keeps them cool during a heatwave.

Aside from these factors, one of the best parts about dog bandanas is that almost all dogs are comfortable wearing them. It is why many people decide to buy them. Owners will help their dogs get used to wearing dog collars. Dog bandanas are not that far of a stretch from a collar. They wrap around the dog’s necks in the same place that the collar would go. Dog bandanas are great for keeping dogs calm, conveying a message to other owners, and simply making your dog look adorable.


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