DJS soaps

I’m so lucky I’m part of a very talented and entrepreneurial family. It’s no secret that Dave has written a book (which is available on Amazon) and has run multiple ultra marathons. Now my very own niece Darcy has started her own business selling handmade soap. And I was lucky enough to be given some samples to try out (family perks!)

Like most successful independent businesses, they start as a labour of love and Darcy makes all the soaps completely by hand and completely on her own using all natural ingredients. Which means if you buy from her not only are you support local business but also doing good for the environment.

The range she has created is small but perfectly formed meaning there’s something for everyone. My personal favourite is her lemon soap for multiple reasons; I love lemon smelling things, always have. I think they offer more fresh smell and always get compliments when I’ve used it. Also, being blonde, lemon is very good for my skin and hair. I even tried washing my hair in the lemon soap one when I’d ran out of shampoo and it left my hair lovely, soft and shiny.

We’re also a fan in this house of her scentless soap which is perfect for all purpose, and currently have it sitting in the kitchen for after we Dave’s done the washing up so he’s able to get a good hand wash without his hands smelling of perfume all evening.

Dave particularly wanted to give a shout out to this little beauty:

Which as you can see comes with a little surprise inside once you’ve used it. We can’t wait to rescue that little Army man from his soapy prison so he can sit on my desk for luck a la Ted Lasso.

When, in 2045, Darcy is being knighted by the queen for being the next Anita Roddick, I’ll be able to say we were one of the first customers of her beauty empire, and will probably have a full battalion of Army men on our desks!


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