2021 in review

A very wise man has been quoted as saying ‘ups followed downs followed ups’ (that wise man was Dave in his sensational book ‘Mongolia or Bust’ available now on Amazon 😉) And I think that’s the best way to describe 2021.

I mean, we were so full of hope at the end of last year weren’t we? Keen to see the back of the shitshow that was 2020. And ok 2021 was a little better, but not much. Which makes these annual roundups difficult because the last 2 years have been weird for all of us.

I’m going to try though, and taking more of a scattergun approach rather than a load of deep and meaningful paragraphs about how I’ve deeply changed as a person, what friends I’ve gained (or lost, as was the case in some years) and what that’s all taught me. So here goes, a whistle stop canter through 2021:

We started off back in lockdown which was of course familiar territory for us. And whilst it was dire, and boring, and I was bloody sick of walks. The fact that we work from home, and have flexible employers, meant we were at least able to get out through the day for some daylight/exercise and then just work a little later into the evening if we needed to.

I turned into an almighty brat at being back in Lockdown that I order ridiculously expensive sushi for tea which wasn’t even that nice

I dyed my hair pink

March – daffodils, bloody, sodding daffodils.

In April pubs opened again (albeit outside) and we were able to have a long overdue drink with my folks and brother and sister in law at our local. Which was followed by a very boozy firepit night in our back garden.

My worse hangover of the year occurred the morning after

April and May also saw us getting our first COVID-19 vaccines.

June we took our first trip away for a night in York where we stayed in a different bed from our own for the first time in 18 months. It was really hot and lots of fun!

It was a year of (thankfully what turned out to be minor) health scares where I found some lumps in places you never really want to find lumps. A hospital visit in July was needed, a couple of polyps whipped out and I was given the all-clear. It was all precautionary in hindsight but still not an ideal situation to be in, regardless of whether there’s also a global pandemic going.

I now have 5 more ear piercings than I started off the year with

Dave and I have thrown ourselves into our new jobs. This time last year I was only 4 months into a new role and the imposter syndrome was real. A year on and feel like I’ve found my feet and have slightly more confidence than I did at the beginning of the year. I also have a great team (Hi Jess!) working with me so whilst that’s been a new challenge for me (I’ve never managed anyone before) it’s been something I’ve really enjoyed.

In November we left the country for the first time in 18 months, wahoo!! We’d been putting it off because the thought of all the forms you need to fill out just seemed like a headache we could do without. But for the sake of spending 20 minutes an hour and 15 minutes filling out the passenger locator form in your hotel room, it really was worth it. We have a lovely time in Madeira, it was exactly what we needed, and, Omicron dependent, hope to get away again in March next year for Dave’s birthday.

Christmas was quiet, like it always is for us, we’re both from relatively small families. But after only being able to mix 2 households last year, it was lovely to get together with my parents, brother (and his family) but also Dave’s mum and dad too. I’d thought maybe boxing day would rival Aprils hangover, but nothing was a match for that bad boy!

I ran 500 miles this year. So that’s quite cool

What are my hopes and dreams for next year? More travel for sure. A healthier lifestyle (whether or not that includes running I’m undecided – I’m a bit over running at the moment!) and more time with friends. I’m no longer particularly bothered about massive crazy nights out, although wouldn’t turn down another trip to Bongo’s Bingo if it was offered, but cosy nights in with wine and take always sounds spot on to me.

To be honest though Dave and I have managed to avoid the ‘Rona so far, so hoping that continues into 2022.

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