Review: Brewdog Advent Calendar 2021

I bought Dave a Brewdog advent calendar last year after he was a clever boy and got promoted at work, I didn’t review it though because it soon became apparent that they weren’t treating their staff all that well and they weren’t a company I wanted to to seen to be putting my name to. Plus I forgot to take any pictures of the beer within it. But mostly the treatment of staff thing.

I have, however been satisfied that Brewdog have learnt from their mistakes and made the appropriate changes in the way they conduct themselves. Not everyone gets it right first time, and if this last 2 years have taught us anything, it’s that we need more compassion and benefit of the doubt in the world.

In terms of beer advent calendars, Brewdog really do have the market cornered in terms of price and value for money. The thing that impressed us so much last year was how many large cans (440ml) you get. So for £49.95, you’re getting 24 cans of beer, six of which are 440ml and all of which are different. I compared that to the Bier Company advent calendar which was £20 more expensive and you didn’t even get a beer very day, some day were just snacks (ie a bag of crisps).

The 2021 calendar contained:

Mikkeller: Urban Fog (440ml)
Double Hazy (440ml)
Parma Violets (440ml)
Layer Cake (440ml)
Mallow Laser Quest (440ml)
Tony’s Hopolonely (440ml)
White Space (330ml)
Hazy Jane Peach (330ml)
Clockwork Tangerine (330ml)
Lost in Tango (330ml)
Hoppy Christmas (330ml)
Velvet Cake (330ml)
Mistletoe Mafia (330ml)
B-Corp (330ml)
Light Speed (330ml)
Hazy Jane Guava (330ml)
Punk IPA (330ml)
Lost Lager (330ml)
Elvis Juice (330ml)
Hazy Jane (330ml)
Dead Pony Club (330ml)
Planet Pale (330ml)
Basic Shake (330ml)
Lock Down (330ml)

So safe to say there’s lots of variation. I’m a massive fan of the Guava and Mango flavoured ones. Some of the more random flavours like Parma Violet or the marshmallow ones aren’t for me though. Dave seems to like them, even though they may not be session ales. One thing you have to give them credit for, is that Brewdog have absolutely nailed their flavours. The fruit ones actually taste what they’re supposed to, not just a slight whiff of something vaguely fruity.

Range wise, the Hazy Jane ones were the nicest for me, but was also quite fond of the Lock Down, which was my favourite of last years haul as well. I’ll be absolutely looking out for them in pub come the summer, they’re the prefect beer garden beer. All we need is some nicer weather now!

I was sure that last year there were more larger cans, however I think with six out of 24, that’s pretty decent. I mean, let’s be honest, a case of 24 cans of beer is always going to be cheaper than £49.95; market something as an advent calendar and suddenly it’s ok to whack 20 quid on the price. But that said, I do think this is one of the better value advent calendars out there, especially when you look at the cost of some of the beauty ones.

Only problem is, I think I’ve now created a rather expensive xmas tradition. Whoops.

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