The First Things you Should Buy if You Won the Lottery in 2022

Winning the lottery – it’s something that we all dream of, and there’s no harm in dreaming about the first things you might want to buy if you were to win the lottery in 2022. And, with the ultra-rich often living so close by, such as for the residents of Poole living on the outskirts of the Sandbanks Peninsula, it can be quite tantalising to think about what we’d do first if we had that much money to spend.

With this in mind, today, we’re taking a look at some of the best ways you could begin spending your millions if you were lucky enough to win the lottery this year; while it’s most likely not going to happen, where’s the harm in a little imagination after all?

The First Things You Should Buy if you Won the Lottery in 2022

It’s a moment we all dream of (but can’t quite see as a reality); clutching a winning Lottery ticket in our hands and being millions richer almost overnight. Still, whether you play individually or as part of a syndicate, there’s always the chance you could win – and, with this in mind, it can always be fun to imagine how you might spend these winnings on that rare occasion.

For the Family

So, you’ve just won the lottery, and you’re feeling a little shellshocked and dumbfounded. It’s something that very few people get to experience, but we can all imagine just how we would feel upon waking up the following day and realising it wasn’t just a dream!

With this in mind, in order to ground yourself, you may want to start thinking about ways you could spend your Lottery winnings on the family, to begin with.

Upgrade the Playroom

Of course, the exact picks will depend on what your little ones like – but we’re pretty confident that the children in your family would hugely appreciate a brand new playroom or set of toys and games.

In fact, keeping the little ones satisfied after you win the lottery is likely to be quite easy, surprisingly; as such, this may be a worthwhile option to consider. What’s more, there’s still nothing wrong with selling your little ones’ toys second-hand after winning the lottery to recoup some of the money, or you could donate some of your winnings to local good causes to help other children enjoy the same fun as your own family does.

Invest in your Family’s Education

Okay, so chances are, your children likely won’t thank you for this one, to begin with. Still, when you win the lottery, you’ll likely be able to afford private tuition – and this can help make your little one’s education a lot easier. As such, paying out for a private tutor is a gift that your children will probably thank you for when it comes to exam times (even if they don’t seem so keen on the idea now). Plus, paying out for a private tutor can also help you get a little alone time away from the kids – and sometimes, we all deserve some time to just put our feet up and breathe.

Enjoy a Great Family Day Out with Smaller Wins

Of course, it’s also worth noting that Lottery winnings aren’t quite as simple as jackpot or nothing; there are many smaller prizes, too. Indeed, the chances of matching four numbers (for a prize of £140) are actually around 1 in 2180; while it’s not a massive sum of money, you could still treat yourself to a family day out with that sort of win.

So, don’t disregard your ticket just because it’s not a jackpot winner; you can still treat your family if you win the lottery with just four numbers.

Just for You

At this point, we’ve thought about some of the first things that we might buy for the whole family – but if you won the jackpot on a lottery draw, you’d surely want to splash out on a little pampering instead. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent opportunities that you could consider for treating yourself if you won the lottery, and some of our top picks include the following:

Custom-made, Tailored Wardrobe

So, you’ve just won the lottery and joined the ranks of the super-rich. If this was the case for you, then we’d definitely think about getting a custom-made wardrobe. Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your favourite outfits as well; still, there’s something quite luxurious about buying custom-made clothes that are designed exclusively with you in mind. So, if you were at a loss for how to spend your newfound millions, this would definitely be one great way to start.

A New House

It’s an obvious choice, but then, it’s also a great investment. Indeed, if you were lucky enough to win the lottery, buying a brand new home outright could offer a great opportunity potentially over continuing to pay monthly mortgage repayments or rent.

In fact, for a standard £200,000 home, with an interest rate of around 3.7% over 30 years, you’ll end up paying 50% of the home’s value back as interest alone; as such, if you can buy your home outright, it may actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

That aside, there’s something quite nice about knowing that you own your own home in full, too; so, this is something that we think would be a great place to start after winning the lottery.

Brand New Car

A great final option that you’d definitely want to consider is a shiny new car – and, as a new member of the ultra-rich, you could even afford to buy this outright rather than skipping the depreciation and buying it second-hand (if you so wanted). However, with many of the world’s most expensive cars selling for millions each, you may still need to show a little restraint; don’t spend all of your lottery winnings on the car alone!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to win millions on the lottery, or if you’ve come into a windfall from an inheritance, knowing how to spend your newfound fortune can be helpful. Alas, this is a reality that most of us won’t have the chance to live out – but it’s still good fun to dream, and after all – there’s nothing wrong with having ambitions!

While you might not be able to achieve everything we’ve thought up on today’s list, it’s still possible that (with hard work and perseverance) you can live out your own luxuries and live a happy lifestyle overall.


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