Review: A Stylist’s Secret

*this is a paid collaboration with A Stylist’s Secret but all views are my own

As you regulars will know, my hair has always been the bain of my life for many reasons. I mean, fought my blonde-ness for many, many years, desperate for it to be anything but what it naturally was. I embrace the blonde now, albeit regularly sway towards dying it red again just for s & g’s! One thing I’m still not a massive fan of though, is it’s texture.

The problem with blonde hair, is that it tends not to get the same shine as darker colours, and mine is very fine and flyaway. It’s only in recent years I’ve had it longer, always being a fan of the ‘Pob’ for many years in the 00s. Problem is, I can’t be bothered to curl it every day, and when I straighten it (which doesn’t take long) it’s just limp and flat. Of course, in the 90s, having poker straight hair was in, but now, I long for a bouncy blow dry.

When A Stylist’s Secret got in touch asking if I wanted to try some of their products, it was a no brainer, as it sounds like they were offering exactly what I’ve been missing. I have a plethora of hair products I use on a regular basis already which I’m not entirely sure are doing me any good, and if anything probably just weighing my hair down and making it worse. Could just 2 products be the answer?

A Stylist’s Secret, based in my home town of Cramlington, Northumberland had a vision of creating the solution to the perfect blow dry, without having to crowd a shelf with products to achieve it. What they’ve come up with is two products; the 24 Hour Minute Styler, which makes your hair more manageable after washing and the 24 Hour Minute Volume, to be used any time to add a bit more bounce to your bonce.

I absolutely love the 24 Hour Minute Volume, especially if I straighten my hair. The difference it makes is quite noticeable (I think anyway!) my hair often looks flat and lifeless, especially between washes and this really gives it a lift at the root. It’s simple to use too, if your hair is wet the spray on to the roots and blow dry. If it’s dry I tip y head upside down, spray to the roots, give it a zhuzh and blow dry out. When you first spray it on it does feel a little sticky but that disappears once it’s dried out. I’ve never used a volume spray on my hair before so have nothing to compare it to, but at only £19.95, it’s something I would for sure consider buying again.

I mean yeah ok it’s a subtle difference but I’m not really after the whole 80s bit hair vibe anyway. Even the lightest bit of extra volume is a plus for me, and it smells like apples too, which I really love! I certainly notice a difference when having to stare at myself all day on MS Teams!

The 24 Hour Minute Styler, I’m a little more on the fence to be honest with you. It doesn’t appear to have any heat protection in it, and that’s super important to me. It’s something I would always use so means this doesn’t fit in to their ‘just 2 products’ ethos. I also think the fact that it tames overly static or flyaway hair, takes all the softness out of my hair when it’s freshly washes and makes it feel on the dry side.

That being said, I do think it works well when I curl my hair using heat tongs. My curls stayed put way longer using this than when I don’t so I was really pleased about that!

So overall a bit of a mixed bag for me. Of course everyone’s hair is different and what works for me won’t necessarily work for others. The volume spray may well turn out to be a bit of a gamer changer for me. And you know what they say, the higher the hair the closer to heaven!

Both products are available from the Stylist Secret website priced £19.95 each.

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