Is McDonald’s in Spain better than the UK?

You know me, I love my nostalgia. I also love my food So any time I’m able to combine both, it’s a blog post made in heaven as far as I’m concerned! I’d seen on Tik Tok someone make a video abut all the crazy food you can get in Spanish McDonalds restaurants and, quite opportunely, we were going to Malaga ourselves that week, so this was something I needed to try myself.

As a little prologue, Dave is not a McDonalds fan in the slightest. Because of this, I probably only have McDonalds once or twice a year, usually when I’m with Ang and most definitely when I’m drunk. So this was an extra treat for me. The rules were simple, we were only allowed to order stuff not available on a UK McDonalds menu:

Grand McExtreme Cheddar Nachos Double

Don’t let the fact that it appears the name has been chosen using a random word generator app, this is essentially a cross between a Big Mac and a Burger King Whopper. The burgers are much wider and flatter like a whopper, and it’s packed with that runny cheese you get with cinema nachos and tortilla chips. It was decent enough, I liked that the patties themselves were bigger and meatier than a normal Big Mac, but there was far too much of that runny cheese on it, it made it sickly. The tortilla chips could have done with being crunchier too.

American Style Chicken Buffalo

I’m sure this or something similar to this has been available in the UK as part of those limited edition ‘tastes of the states’ or something like that. It was pretty decent to be fair, the chicken breast was large and succulent and the buffalo sauce has a really smokey tangy flavour. Would deffo have again.

Wedge Top Fries Bacon and Cheese

We opted for wedges instead of fries (although you could get cheese topped fries too if you wanted) as we thought that was more in the spirit of the game. The fact they were wedges made them feel, dare is say it, a healthier option that fries as they were quite thick with fluffy potato inside. They were however smothered in that cheesy nacho sauce that was also in the burger, so safe to say we were pretty cheesed out. Should have just gone plain wedges in hindsight.

Chicken Mcbites

Essentially the McDonalds version of KFC’s popcorn chicken. I’d actually seen in that Tik Tok video that there were fish versions of these, which I was really keen to see, but couldn’t find them on the menu so the chicken had to do. Without a doubt a failing on the ordering front for us as they were the worse of all worlds – all batter and barely any chicken. Plus they were cold. Just order nuggs instead. Do not recommend.

And to drink….?

Why, it had to be a pint of Mahou lager, which at about 2.60 euro was the cheapest drink we had all holiday. I mean I understand why they don’t serve beer in McDonalds in the UK, have you ever seen the state of the McDonalds in Newcastle’s Bigg Market at 2am? You’re lucky if you get out alive with your quarter pounder with cheese and not having been assaulted. Imagine if they served beer there too? No, we did this to ourselves, we don’t deserve beer in McDonalds. We’ll have to just stick to Wetherspoons for that. It was a very nice touch though and made me wonder if it’s possible to get one of their beer dispensers for Dave for Christmas this year.

Now as an epilogue, we didn’t get it on this visit but later in the week, having had a discussion with my mate Laura about the injustice of sundae’s being taken on the UK menus, I went back for a hot fudge sundae, as was always my favourite when I was a youngster. Justice for ice cream sundaes I say!

No before you all start freaking out and calling me a heathen for going to McDonald’s in Spain, it was raining like a pissing cow that day and we more than made up for it by visiting some amazing tapas restaurants too!

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