Bath and Bodyworks at Next (UK)

I’ve always been a simple girl when it comes to perfume or body spray. To be honest, I used to be in love with Belles de Ricci by Nina Ricci in the 90s (the green bottle with the pink crown lid) and the impulse spray that smelt exactly like it I would wear to school. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good quality perfume Dave got me some Coco Chanel a few years ago which I bring out on special occasions and when I wear, it lasts for about 3 weeks. It’s not practical for every day though. So I’ve been on an almost 40 year journey trying to find ‘my smell’. And I tend to just buy what ever’s on offer or I get for Christmas or my birthday. I mean, my all time favourite every day smell is Bath and Bodyworks in Sweet Pea. But that’s only available in North America.

Until now. Because now, my all time favourite every day scent is available in the UK. I rejoiced last December when I found out that UK high street chain Next, now stocks American brand Bath and Bodyworks. I’ve been a fan for years and years, ever since my best friend Meagan introduced me. But of course I was only ever able to get it when I went on holiday (or someone else went on holiday and they brought some back for me).

The fact that the entire range is now available in Next is great news for me and as soon as I found out I stocked up. When I use and every day smell I like to use the full range; the body wash, the moisturiser and the perfume. Luckily Next have also adopted Bath and Bodyworks’ pricing plan where you can always get 3 for 2. And although it may look a little pricey side at about £16 a bottle, at 3 for 2, it doesn’t work out that bad, and means you can mix and match the bits you need.

For example I tend to go through more moisturiser than anything else, partly because it’s a slightly smaller bottle than the body wash – a bit annoying – but also because I lather my whole body in it after a bath or shower, which I have at least once a day (sometimes twice if I’m running). Whereas as the body spray I need less often as a little goes a long way. So mixing and matching as you need things keeps things well rotated.

As I say, Sweet Pea is my favourite, it’s light and floral without being sickly, and perfect for everyday as it’s not musky in the slightest so doesn’t feel too ‘evening’. Every time I wear the set (body wash, cream and perfume) people always comment on how nice I smell. The shower gel is really ticket and lathers up brilliant so actual cleans you well, as well as being a good cosmetic shower gel. The cream isn’t too greasy and soaks in well, and the perfume is light and lasts most of the day, although I do something reapply in the afternoon.

I really hope that Next continue to stock Bath and Bodyworks stuff, it would save me loads of room in my suitcase on holiday if nothing else! Room that could be taken up by Twizzlers and Fruit Rollups!

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