What would your last meal on earth be?

It’s a great pub debate isn’t it? What would you have for your last meal on earth, your death row meal, or, more recently, the last meal you’d have if you made it to the final of I’m A Celeb. I mention that because every year Dave and I watch that episode, we have a discussion about what we have. I swear mine changes every year; because if it’s not really real, you can surmise, or just say what you fancy on that day. But on New Years Eve last year, we found ourselves on our own again, so we decided to actually do it and have what we would choose as our last meal.

To be honest, it didn’t take very long, for me at least because I’m a woman of simple tastes, and also the eating habits of an 8 year old child. We were, of course, limited to what was available from Asda. In an ideal world you’d be able to have the best of whatever it was you’d chosen. But, without, further ado, here’s what we went for:


Me: Now, I actually chose whitebait as my starter. But there were impossible to get hold of (I tried 4 different supermarkets) so I had to settle for salt & pepper squid instead.

Dave: Chicken wings with blue cheese dip


Me: Meat feast pizza. I told you I was a creature of habit! And as I say, having a hand rolled Italian stonebaked meat feast pizza would obviously be preferential but the ‘Extra Special’ Asda version had to do. I also nicked some of Dave’s blue cheese sauce for my crusts

Dave: Steak and chips (cooked medium)


We both had chocolate fudge cake with cream. Ideally, and call me a heathen here if you want, I would have had a Wetherspoons chocolate fudge cake, which is my absolute favourite (it’s the white chocolate sauce in the middle that makes it). But, like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.


We both had white wine with our starters and red wine with our mains and pudding. I mean, I’m not entirely sure alcohol is allowed on death row, but it’s allowed on I’m A Celeb, and they’re the rules we’re playing by.

In America, the most popular last meal is fried chicken (a solid choice – you’re not going to waste your last meal on a salad are you?) and in the UK, a 2018 survey found that a traditional roast dinner was most popular, closely followed by steak and chips, then fish and chips and a classic fry up in fourth place.

What would you have as your last meal?

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