Tango Durham cheese bomb

5 years is a long time. Especially in the hospitality industry. Add to that an 18 month pandemic it’s amazing anyone has managed to stay afloat. It was 5 years ago that Tango Durham went slightly viral with their cheese bomb concept; burgers drenched in runny nacho cheese. So, pleased to see Tango have survived all 27 lockdowns, me and Carrie went back a few weeks ago to see if the cheese bomb was still a thing and whether they lived up to the hype of 5 years ago.

The restaurant itself is really cute and quirky and located just over Elvet Bridge right in the heart of Durham. Some Durhamites have commented that it’s a shame that such a lovely building has been taken over by a burger restaurant but it’s got to be inhabited by something, and what’s better than a good burger? A god burger smothered in cheese. That’s what.

Its was surprisingly busy on a Saturday lunchtime and they have a small but perfectly formed menu. I went classic with the Tango; a single beef hand crafted patty with crispy streaky pancetta, crispy onion strings, BBQ sauce and burger sauce and Carrie had the Gaucho; pancetta, smashed avo, soured cream, roquitos, chilli jam, jalapenos and sweet potato strings. And of course a side of cheese bomb sauce.

Our approaches to sauce application were different. Carrie was far more ladylike than me and dipped her burger into the sauce to control distribution, I, however, being the feral animal that I am, poured it straight over. Like 2017 intended. Plus I needed a photo for the ‘gram. But has the concept survived 32 lockdowns and is the Tango cheese bomb still work the hype?

Listen, it’s a delicious burger smothered in cheese, what’s not to like?! I actually didn’t use all my sauce over the burger, I did keep some aside for chip dipping, however as a concept, it’s pretty darn good. The cheese itself, whilst akin to cinema nacho cheese, isn’t too sickly however for my taste could do with being a little less creamy and a little more cheesy. That’s me being pretty pedantic though.

All in all, it makes for a pretty decent, hearty lunch out. Also worth a mention, the staff are really efficient and friendly and the whole vibe of the place is pretty cool and laid back. I’m a little stunned that the cheese bomb concept hasn’t been adopted elsewhere to be honest, there’s loads of burger places in Newcastle now who could have jumped on the bandwagon and haven’t.

That’s to Tango’s favour though as if a cheese bomb is what your heart desires, Tango is where you need to go! Only question is now, are you a dipper or a pourer?


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