Review: Trip CBD drinks to replace alcohol?

Like a lot of people, lockdown (parts 1 through 3) left me with some pretty unhealthy habits; I’m not a fan of places that are too crowded any more, if I have to go and work in an office I need at least a week to gear myself up, we ordered far to many take aways and we drank way too much. I mean, what else was there to do at weekends right? So after a couple of lovely holidays earlier this year and a very boozy pre birthday weekend in London, we decided we just needed to calm down a little bit a do a little it of a reset. Problem was, that Friday night glass of wine, the segway drug from the working week into the weekend was one of my favourite times of the week, and that was going to be a big miss for me. So we decided to give Trip CBD drinks a go!

I’d seen Trip drinks advertised on instagram and a couple of friends had tried them with good reviews, so perhaps they were the answer to my Friday night prayers?

So, we hot footed it over to our local Holland and Barratt, where thankfully they had all three flavours; Peach Ginger, Elderflower Mint, and Lemon Basil. And it depends how you like your fruit to herb ratio but for me, they are too strong on the herby side and not that strong on the fruit side. Particularly the peach one, I love peach flavoured things and can’t stand ginger so sadly this one was a no go for me. The Elderflower Mint one was probably my favourite, with lots of ice and in a gin glass, it tasted a lot like a Mojito.

CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants but unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)it doesn’t get you high Which is probably a good thing because the last time I ate too many muffins on a trip to Amsterdam it didn’t end well – I did have the best nights sleep over though! It’s also safe to drink any time and tolerances can differ, much like caffeine and alcohol, so probably better you try one and see how you get on before pounding a six pack before work.

We shared the three cans between the two of us, but, the magic question, did they work? For me, sadly no, as in, they certainly didn’t replace that whit wine buzz on a Friday night. Did they calm me down and make me feel a bit more chilled out? Yeah, a little bit. I would buy them again, especially now they’re also available in Asda and we can get them as part of our weekly shop, but probably more for a Sunday or a midweek when I feel like I need calming down a bit when I wouldn’t be drinking alcohol anyway.

So it’s not a sufficient replacement for alcohol in my humble opinion however still think it probably has a place in my life anyway now and again, when then pressures of being a medicore blogging with dwindling stats gets on top of me!


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