Review: Ted Baker 2022 Advent Calendar

A Ted Baker advent calendar has become a staple in my house in recent years; this year though is the first year I got one ahead of the game and full price (albeit as a gift from Dave). The last couple of years I must confess I’ve managed to get one in the post xmas sales and just opened them all at once. 2022 though was as the baby Jesus intended and I opened my Ted Baker advent calendar a door a day.

I’m a massive Ted Baker fan anyway and always found their advent calendars on the reasonable side for what you pay for one (about £45 rrp) and what the stuff you get inside would cost if you bought separately. The 2022 edition contains:

  • Violet & bergamot body soufflé 50ml
  • Rose & cassis eau de toilette 10ml
  • Violet & bergamot body spray 50ml
  • Violet & bergamot body wash 200ml
  • Violet & bergamot moisturising under eye sheet mask 5.5g
  • Raspberry & orange blossom body lotion 50ml
  • Raspberry & orange blossom moisturising sheet mask 26g
  • Raspberry & orange blossom bath & shower oil 50ml
  • Exfoliating bath mitt
  • Violet & bergamot mini candle 50g
  • Raspberry & orange blossom body wash 50ml
  • Mini soft pink lip gloss 6ml
  • Violet & bergamot hand cream 50ml
  • Make-up remover pad
  • Eyeshadow champagne shimmer
  • Eyeshadow glittering rose gold
  • Red nail polish 8ml
  • Cosmetic headband
  • Cuticle oil 8ml
  • Eyelash curlers
  • Violet & bergamot soap 80g
  • Eyeshadow matte peach
  • Eyeshadow matte mocha
  • Double ended eyeshadow brush
  • Tweezers
  • Soft pink lipstick
  • Glass nail file

And here’s my issue with this years calendar. This is the 3rd Ted Baker calendar I’ve had and the contents are almost exactly the same as last year. So if they’re relying on repeat business, I really do not need a third pair of eyelash curlers. I don’t even need one to be honest! A second cosmetic headband and make up remover pad are always useful but even the nail polish and lipsticks are exactly the same colour as last year. So that’s disappointing. Throw in a different shade every year or so Ted, we all have different complexions you know!

The miniature bottles are always handy for travel and like taking them with me for weekends away or holidays. What does make it worth it for me are the make up items included. The eyeshadows are amazing and I use them all year round, which means by the time advent calendar season comes around, I need a replacement. I also love the nail file and make up brush (which is the best brush I’ve ever used for blending out eye shadow).

I think probably my biggest bug bear though is that I just don’t like the new scents as much as the old ones. I dowsed myself in Peony Spritz 2 years ago, it became ‘my scent’ then then changed to the current iterations and I’m just as not as much of a fan.

I think if you’re buying one for the first time or as a on off then they are absolutely worth the money If you’re a lifelong fan like me though, it’s possibly not as good value. Will I get another one next year? Possibly. If they rebrand their flavours again it would be a no brainer, (or if I manage to get one in the sale for £11.50 again). Otherwise I may just bite the bullet and do without a forth eyelash curler and buy the minitaures separately for my holidays!


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