Getting botox for the first time

I may or may not have mentioned that I recently turned 40, I’ve kept it pretty under wraps to be honest. But anyway it happened and as a result I’ve been making many an aesthetic change because sadly I’m vain enough to want to still look like I’m in my early 30s. And people are kind you know, a lot of people tell me I don’t look 40 But, people are kind.

Anyway, getting botox is something I’d wanted to do for years and years. I’ve always said that if I had enough money I would get surgery from the tip of my toes up to my forehead. Nothing drastic, I wouldn’t get pneumatic boobs or anything, but you know, whatever little tweaks I wasn’t able to achieve by diet and exercise.

Botox used to be a dirty word, or something that only celebrities got. But in recently time it’s much more common than you realise. I also think that botox has kind of become and umbrella term for all cosmetic procedures. ‘Oh, Kim Kardiashian has had way too much botox’. Let me tell you, Kim Kardashian has had major, major reconstructive surgery to her face, and probably had fat removed from other places and injected inter her cheeks, or vice vera. That’s not to say she hasn’t had botox too. But that’s not all she’s had, not by a long shot.

So now that’s cleared up, what did it mean for me and what difference did it make? Well, as I say, turning 40 seemed like a good time to take the plunge. The deep wrinkles on my forehead were starting to bother me. To the point where I actually think wearing make up made them look worse as once where it used to ‘fill in the cracks’ it was starting to make them show up even more. Perhaps I just needed some better foundation. But finding an aesthetic practitioner I trusted felt easier than navigating the Fenwicks Beauty Hall.

Enter, the wonderful Chloe, from The Aesthetics Bar, who I actually found on Instagram, which I wouldn’t always recommend, but it was quite the walk to find her. I had been in contact with someone that I was recommended by another beauty practitioner, and since I liked that person, and their lovely smooth face, I gave them a call. They booked me in for my first treatment without so much as asking what my face looked like. That didn’t sit quite right with me, but I made the appointment all the same.

As the appointment was months away I thought there would be no harm dropping Chloe a message as she’s just posted a video of someone who looked around my age, had exactly what I wanted and the results were incredible! Chloe was fantastic and suggested I come in for a consultation (free) first where she went through everything in great detail, positives and pitfalls and most importantly managed my expectations. If I was expected the ‘frozen face’ look, then she wasn’t the girl for me. She also noticed instantly that I have hooded eyelids and said because of that, needed to be careful where she placed the ‘tox otherwise they could droop further.

The fact that she was taking my face seriously meant a lot and I knew then I was in safe hands I cancelled by other appointment and booked wither her.

So what can you expect at the appointment?

Chloe went through everything with me again and answered any further questions I had. I took Ang along with me as official photographer/hand holder and that relaxed me a little. To be honest though, if you’ve had any kind of injection before, you know what to expect, and the needles are tiny. I had three areas done; forehead, between my eyes/top of my nose and at the side of my eyes for my crows feet.

The needles feel like tiny bee stings, and as soon as you feel the needle, it’s done. I had a slight feeling of flushing up the side of my face where the sides had been done, as if I could feel the liquid actually going in, but that didn’t last very long.

And that was it, all done within about 10 minutes. I’d asked Ang to drive for my first time since I didn’t know how I would feel but honestly you’re fine to drive afterwards.

It can take up to two weeks for it all to settle into your face and notice a difference but I started to notice a difference after 3 or 4 days and then after 2 weeks there was a huge difference and I was pretty much unable to move my forehead (in a good way!). Chloe always asked that you go back 2 weeks later for a check up and if needed you can have a little top up (free of charge).

I mean, I’m thrilled with the results and think the before and after speaks for it’s self to be honest:

My advice would be find a practitioner you really trust, speak to them first and make sure you’re comfortable with them. Ask questions, even if you think they’re silly and don’t be swayed by cheap deals. If it’s cheap, it’s cheap for a reason.

I’ve been back twice more since my first appointment; it’s recommended no more than every three months, and my only regret is not having it done sooner!

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