Hot Tubs around the world

I reckon hot tubs are a little bit like marmite, people either loves them or hates them. Dave, I think is on the fence about them, like they’re ok if it’s just me and him, but he famous said once when I suggested a New Years eve hot tub break with my family ‘there’s no way I’m having a bath outside with your brother’. Kill joy.

Anyway, when we were sitting together in a hot tub in Bamburgh in October last year, it made me think about all the cool hot tubs we’ve been in over the years, which then made me think, wouldn’t that make good blog post? I’ll let you be the judge of that…

Hanmer Springs, New Zealand (2013)

Hanmer Springs is a town on the south Island of New Zealand which we visited when we were on honeymoon travelling around in an RV for a month. The stop was unplanned since we completely miscalculated our dates and ended up with an extra day we didn’t count on so were looking for something in the area to do. And i’m pleased we did, it was coming to the end of two weeks in the RV and sitting in the hot pools for a could of hours was welcome after all those RV park showers.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland (2015)

If Hanmer Springs gets it’s own mention then Blue Lagoon gets an honourable mention two despite it not technically being a hot tub and not even the best hot water experience we had in Iceland. It’s definitely worth a visit and the views are stunning but it’s very touristy and we were too hungover from drinking too much the night before to get over the traumatic flight in, so didn’t have any drinks while we were there.

Vik, Iceland (2015)

Probably one of my favourite hot tub experiences thus far, all things considered and for a couple of reasons. 1. it was bastard freezing cold (not usual for Iceland) but the March we were there, even locals were saying how cold it was. So cold in fact there were radio competitions for people to name the cold snap. So needless to say the yin and yang of the temperature outside (about minus 5) the temperature in the hot tub (approx 40 degrees) made it quite spectacular. And 2. they had a very, very strict no alcohol policy in the hot tub, but we smuggled in some vodka in our pepsi max bottle and hot nice and tipsy whilst maintaining shoulders under at all times. It was a very fun afternoon!

The Crab & Lobster, Thirsk (2019)

For Dave’s 40th birthday a few years ago we went down to the Crab and Lobster hotel in Thirsk and stayed in their gorgeous Montauk room for the night, which luckily came with it’s own private hot tub. The perfect place to chill with a bottle of prosecco before we had an M&S pic nic tea listening to Roxette until 2am.

Whistler, Canada (2019)

I fell in love with Whistler a little bit despite it being October when we were there nd unseasonably warm for a ski resort. We weren’t there to ski but the whole town still has that Queenstown, extreme sports vibe. After a day riding around on electric bikes, we made use of the hotel’s hot tub, which was thankfully unoccupied so felt pretty private. The Summit Lodge was probably one of the nicest hotels we’ve ever stayed in as well, which is always a bonus!

Bamburgh, Northumberland (2022)

The most recent hot tub jaunt was to celebrate Dave’s parents ruby wedding anniversary last October. It’s always a bonus when he property you’re staying in has its own hot tub and add to that bonus the view of the Northumberland Coast line. If I’d had a diet pepsi bottle full of vodka with us it may have overtaken Iceland as my favourite hot tub! .

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