The 6 best drinks in the world

I admit the title of this may be misleading. This isn’t a list of my favourite drinks, although, if it were, it would look something like this: white wine, Long Island Ice Tea, strawberry daiquiri, margarita, rum & coke. And would be a very short blog post. No, this is a post more about drinking occasions and those times when your first drink, whatever that may be, just hits a little different

The Friday drinks

FNDs as they’re commonly known in our house and something born out of our time working in the centre of town and meeting in Revolution for their happy hour deals. Let me tell you, I never got bored of that first sip of cheery vodka and coke. These days it’s more sedate and our FNDs tend to be in the house now, it’s still a welcome reward for getting to the end of the week though.

The airport drinks

We all know that rules don’t count in airports especially when it comes to time of day. Pizza and a pint at 6am, yup! A glass of wine at 4am when you’ve been awake for 27 hours straight, absolutely! We’ve gotten into the habit of booking into an airport lounge, especially if we’re planning on having a few pre holiday drinks. By the time you’ve paid for 2 drinks in a standard airport bar, the lounge pays for itself.

The aeroplane drinks

On the subject of travel, the aeroplane drink is something we discovered on honeymoon when we flew to Australia with Emirates. As we were celebrating our wedded bliss, we got on the Gin & Tonics and there’s something about the ratio of the mini bottles of gin and associated tonic that makes it just the perfect balance. So that’s our go two plane drink now (only if they’re free of course – which is becoming rarer and rarer these days) along with also perhaps a glass of wine with dinner.

The balcony drinks

Rounding off the holy trinity of travel drinks, those first ones on the balcony on holiday after you’ve been in the sun all day and you’ve just had a shower and are sitting in the cooler evening air letting your hair dry naturally having a bacardi breezer that you got in the foreign supermarket next door. Incidentally. Abroad, in Spain or Greece seems to be the only places you can still get bacardi breezers these days!

The beer garden drinks

In Norway it’s called Utepils; the first drink in a beer garden of the year and let me tell you, it’s a day every year that me and Dave live for. The weather isn’t nearly warm enough to do it as often or as early in the year as we’d like but you know as soon as it’s warm enough to sit outside at the pub, that summer season has officially started.

The Sunday drinks

We have a relatively strict ‘no drinking on a school night’ rule in our house which most weeks includes a Sunday since we’re almost always at work the next day. There’s something really special about having a cheeky Monday off and it changing the complete landscape of your Sunday. During lockdown we got into a lovely little habit of taking a Monday off and having a boozy Sunday lunch with champagne starters and wine with Sunday lunch. The fact that it meant I was asleep on the sofa by 8pm only added to the beauty of it!

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