Is everybody weird, or is it just me?

I think it’s safe to say that we all have our own little quirks. The weird little nuances that make us, us. Dave for example, mouths along to films when he’s really engrossed in watching them, my dad can only drink tea or coffee out of light coloured mugs because he thinks dark mugs make the drink taste different. Me? well I have loads; I shake a bottle of pop 11 times before I drink it so it’s not too fizzy, I always count how many stairs I walk up and down. And I’m obsessed, obsessed with decanting stuff.

I’ve painstakingly searched the interweb for the word that describes an obsession with decanting things. Seems such a condition doesn’t appear to exist, Or maybe it’s just not life hindering enough for it to warrant having its own name, but it’s something I’ve always done, and I have no idea why or what it all means.

Just to give a little insight into what I mean. At the moment it’s mostly limited to my shampoo/conditioner and my day and night cream. I have two big bottles of Bed Head that I got on the cheap in TK Maxx and I love pouring new stuff into it, like, I unnaturally love it. I get excited when it’s nearly empty so I can fill it up. Likewise with these cute glass bottles of cream I for from Patricia for Christmas a few years ago, the posh rosebud cream inside is long gone, now it’s just Boots Essentials. But I live for the day that they’re running out so I can diligently fill them up again and my chi is rebalanced. That’s really weird isn’t it?

So I’ve tried to think of reasons why I might love decanting stuff so much, and I’m pretty much at a loss to be honest. I thought perhaps it was a vanity thing, I like it to look like I have posh Bed Head shampoo, when really it’s 99p Alberto Balsam inside, but in all honesty, that doesn’t bother me, if anyone was close enough to me to be using my bathroom then I can only guess they’re close enough to me to not judge me on what shampoo I use.

It’s certainly not a tidiness thing, one look at my dressing table or wardrobe would vouch for that and I’m not a particular ‘OCD’ kind of person who has to have everything looking a certain way.

I took this question to the internet to ask what weird habits other people had, and the internet did not disappoint:

I absolutely love that we’re all just a fun bunch of weirdos. I would love to know the psychology behind all the little quirks and intricacies we have and what they say about us as people. Is it a control thing? Or is it simply just one of the cute little things that make us who we are? If anyone knows, give me a shout!

Until then, keep on being weird, and if you need anything decanting, you know who to call!

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