Review: IYKYK Tees

*I recieved a complimentary IYKYK tee in return for an honest review

After last weeks post about my healthy obsession with music, this felt like a natural follow up. Because in these modern times of pretty much being able to dress however the heck you want without being judged for it, it’s now easier than ever to wear your passions emblazoned across your chest. And that’s why me and IYKYK tees and me are a match made in heaven.

They’re pop music tees made by pop music fans; co-founder Liann is possibly as big a Backstreet Boys fan as I am, and as such, they know what makes us fan girls happy. See for me, much as I love my boys, I’m not, or really ever have been too much a fan of having the faces anywhere on my body (steady). I’m much more of a fan of a slogan tee, which makes IYKYK tees perfect.

Yeah ok you may feel like you’ve seen this all before but IYKYK tees’ USP is that they’ve done their homework. There’s a huge range of styles and slogans to suit all kinds of fans from the popular:

To more of the deep cut more subtle slogans:

And there are loads of band references available not just boyband. Yes Backstreet Boys, Westlife and The Jonas brothers feature heavily, but The Script, Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran, Kate Bush, Pink and even Elton John are also present and correct. And the timing couldn’t be better with concert season right around the corner.

I really struggled to pick my favourite tee, I eventually when for this one though which I thought encapsulated me and my love of all things music/boybands perfectly. I went for black as I feel like I have quite a lot of white tees already but when I get my next one (and there will be a next one) I’ll probably go for white for that one.

The ordering process is super easy and when I was a little bit confused on size I hit them up on Instagram for a bit of advice; basically the unisex tees are true to size but the ladies ones come up slightly small so best to size up if you’re unsure. So that’s what I did, despite usually being a ladies medium, I went for a large on this occasion and I’m pleased I did as it fits perfectly (for context I’m pretty much a solid UK size 12 on top) and I think a medium on this occasion would have been too small. I ordered on the Friday and it arrived the following Thursday (standard delivery) so make sure you allow that time if you’re ordering for an upcoming concert or festival.

I can’t wait to see what other styles they come up with and will be great to see other colour options introduced (a maroon would be perfect for us blondies) and I’ve already suggest an O-Town slogan tee which I’m desperate to get my hands on if they expand their roster even further.

Everything you need to know:


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