Review: Bottomless Brunch at Twenty Twenty, Newcastle upon Tyne

After the metro pub tour it’s been a while since I set myself a self-centred challenge! I started logging the best places for a Sunday Roast in Newcastle upon Tyne but I found I was really only going in winter. I needed a summer project! That’s when Ang suggested trying out all the Bottomless Brunch deals that our fair city has to offer. And if there’s anything I love, it’s going for drinks with no trousers on.

Our inaugural Bottomless Brunch trip was to Twenty Twenty in the Bigg Market and believe me when I tell you, we started strong with this one. I’d never been before (bottomless or otherwise) but had heard nothing but great things about them, and their insta game has always been strong.

So named because their menu is centred around their 20 signature cocktails and mouth watering 20” pizzas. They offer a couple of different bottomless brunch options, the main difference between them being the drinks on offer, but we just went for the standard one priced at £29.95 each and includes one 20” pizza (per two people) and bottomless prosecco, beer, slush cocktails and a little side of salty popcorn (an excellent touch in my opinion.

Once we were seated we were offered drinks instantly and went for a bottle of prosecco to share as well as a slush cocktail each (coconut margarita for Ang, berry daiquiri for me). For your pizza you’re able to go half an half so you don’t have to fight over what to have – not that I don’t think we could have agreed on something, there’s plenty of choice to suit pretty much all tastes.

I chose the ‘Hot Diggity Dawg’ for my half (New York Hot Dogs, crispy onions, yellow mustard, parsley, cheese and tomato sauce and Ang had The Italian Job (salami, nduja pepperoni, pancetta, rocket, cheese and tomato sauce). I loved the hotdog half, the mustard sauce made it taste really authentic and all the flavours well thought out so it wasn’t bogged down with different tastes – having been to New York last September hand having a couple of Nathan’s hotdogs, this really tasted like the real deal!

Like all establishments who offer a bottomless brunch type deal, Twenty Twenty Newcastle have their ground rules;

  • Last drink orders are 15 minutes before the booking ends
  • Time limit is 90 minutes
  • Everyone in the party needs to be participating in the deal
  • Food should be ordered within 30 mins of your booking
  • Extras can be added from the main menu and will be added to your bill
  • Bottomless deals must be pre-booked
  • Water and soft drinks are available with all bottomless packages
  • Staff reserve the right to refuse service if you’re too wankered (my words not theirs)

In terms of value for money, we really left feeling like we’d gotten our moneys worth, the service was extremely attentive so we were never left waiting to order another drink. We got a second bottle of prosecco to share and another cocktail each which I thought made the whole deal really good value – we were given our second bottle of prosecco about 20 minutes before our slot ended and they allowed us to stay until we finished (long after the 90 mins was over) which was also really good – we didn’t feel rushed or on some kind of bottomless brunch conveyor belt.

For the first bottomless brunch we’ve tried in Newcastle, we were on to a strong start!

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